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Picture request: 260 coil and ballast

Kjets On a Plane

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Nov 12, 2002
Californicated Oregone
260/760 coil, ballast resistor and ballast resistor OHM value.

Friend doesn't believe me that 260s got a blue coil and ballast resistor like other 4cylinder cars, but with stronger coil for the 6-hole motor. Someone got a k-jets dead or alive 260 or 760 series up to 86-87 model year handy? Snap a pic, OHM out the resistor (yes, I have a green book with specs too I think).

Any of you 240 turbo guys ever wonder why the spark blows out as a lot more air flows through the motor, but the AFRs are still more or less decent?
Here is the coil/ballast resistors on my '81 262C.


On my lab quality HF VOM the value of each resistor is about 1 ohm when adjusted for the lead wire resistance. I believe the spec is 0.5 ohm each. Resistance that low is almost impossible to measure especially with a tool from Harbor Freight. In 'run' both are in series supposedly dropping the coil voltage to about 6 volts. My coil voltage is measuring 4.3v running, a little low substantiating the somewhere above spec ohm readings.
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