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Please Help: AW71 ATF Leak!

I put at-205 in my saab gearbox a couple years ago. Still waiting for it to work. I'm sure it does something for rubber seals but I doubt it'll do much of anything to a paper/cork/etc gasket.
Exactly. It works on seals not gaskets. Most people think they're similar problems.
Heard back from FCP regarding my previous gasket orders. I'm still riddled that I got two different gasket materials, both in Factory Volvo packaging, one synthetic, one cork.

They were kind enough to send me photos of all they had in-stock, on their shelves, and all were cork. I looked and it appears the Toyota option for a Cressida is also cork...

Did i make this up, that I had a "poly" or paper type the first round? Can anyone else confirm they've seen, or installed a NON-CORK Genuine Volvo Trans Pan gasket?

Running out for a locally sourced Fel-Pro which is a paper option. Perhaps I'll have better luck with that, and some pan "tuning"
Yes, I have used a genuine rubber type material gasket before

Parts manufacturing is making cost cutting changes it seems. It could be possible that the old stock of leftover gaskets was rubber, now they perhaps use cork = cheaper

Other than that I have no idea why the same part number can be two different materials
Got pan off and assessed it with a straight edge. The rear edge had heavy warping, and there were other spots around which deserved attention.

Applied 2manyturbos method and used some wide sockets and a mallet to flatten down the raised portion. Patience, and persistence.

Reassembled everything with a Fel-Pro paper gasket and Toyota FIPG. Torqued all bolts to 39 in/lbs. Ran for 20 minutes, no leaks, retorqued. Will send it back out into the wild.
This is the aftermath of the gasket. I installed it a few weeks ago, a brand new Genuine Volvo (cork) unit, and Toyota FIPG. Mind you, I never checked the trueness of the used pan I installed, when installed initially. I torqued to yield. When it started leaking, I torqued some more. The major damage to the gasket is right where the pan was the most warped.

Did I damage the gasket during install? Was it the bent pan that caused this? Re-torquing? Upon removal?




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If my memory is to be trusted, those cork gaskets need to be soaked overnight in atf. The have to swell up a bit to be big enough to fit.
If my memory is to be trusted, those cork gaskets need to be soaked overnight in atf. The have to swell up a bit to be big enough to fit.

I figured there had to be some form of "dark magic" to get that cork to seal "properly"

At this point, I'm back from a 700 mile day trip and can report zero ATF leaks. In my situation the problem certainly was the de-formed pan, and I'm confident the riddling cork gasket didn't help matters.

I'll stick to the paper Fel-Pro gasket, and maybe I can eventually find the Genuine Volvo synthetic unit. For the time being, cork is best reserved for wine bottles and Birkenstock.