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Post pics of your Volvo.

Hello from a former forum user (I signed up here before buying my current Volvo).

I bought a 1986 245 GL with the B230A/AW70 combo back in April this year after looking for the right one since 2010-ish.

I wanted to share a few pics of this low mileage wagon (it's done just under 120000km/74560-ish miles as of October 2023) in 37 years.

Hopefully I can find some inspiration for it here (also, can an admin DM me please?)


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Haven't logged into the board after almost 20 years. Here is my 1985 240 (North East US)

- Ford 338 5.4L Stroker with all forged Internals @ 350HP NA. Can withstand 500HP with Supercharger addon(3,000 Miles on motor)
- Upgraded TKO 600 5-Speed (Can withstand 700HP+)
- Needs wheels/tire/LSD

Had been siting in my garage for decade + and getting it back operational.

Unfortunately I have ZERO time and have moved to other hobbies. I will list on E-Bay Very soon.


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Although the color didn't really come out right, it's really a bit lighter like the original color, I think this color looks gorgeous. Please excuse the layer of dust on the roof and the battery charger in the front right corner. This project has been sitting for about a decade. Hurricane Sandy had flooded my house, I got divorced, I moved, I got remarried (yes, she wants me to finish the car), and I've been working a million hours preparing for my retirement in about 15 months.

Waiting on adapters to mount these. Not sure if I want to keep them silver or maybe go for gold with polished lips. 🤔 Also, for the moment will be using the original center caps with a volvo sticker but looking into getting some waffle style center capsIMG_9672.jpegIMG_9674.jpeg