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Pretty 940 Pipes


Active member
Apr 28, 2007
The Hill, Shinshu Japan
I thought you guys might appreciate these 940 pipes I found to alleviate the shortage over here.

2 1/2 inch cat back, polished stainless.





S-pipe comparison:


What kind is it?

Not really a kind, I'm working directly with a Swedish wholesale manufacturer to get these over here. These are the last from the original test run, with all the spit and polish; current stock is a little more au natural, to save a bit on production costs.

nicee dude


eww 'S' tips are ugly

Super nice! S-bend is a must! :) "Gubbkr?k" (Old man's bend) it's called over here. :p

Either way is easy to put together, as any tip can be fitted in place of the S-bend.

big pimpin'

where you been at man?

Right here! :nod:
VERY CLEAN! And shiny too? Am I still on TBricks?

That setup is gorgeous. Sound?

There was only a few of the polished sets made up, I agree they are almost too pretty to put under the car... Current stock is more like my 3" system, still all 18/8 stainless but with a brushed finish, still looks good and can be polished if you want to go through the trouble.

Both mufflers are full flow type, but the system is very low and mellow until you really get your foot stuck in. Even with the 3" on my 940 I made it through inspection here; although the guy was checking out the very freshly installed pipes and asked if they were "genuine parts"... Well, since they perform the function of carrying the exhaust from the engine to the rear of the car I figured that was "genuine" enough and told him so. He did go and check the CO and NOX numbers again, but as I had installed everything new from the turbo back including a new 3" cat it was running very cleanly, so no problem.

Where can you buy these..

Raka Ror KB Sweden, http://www.rakaror.o.se/ . Ask for Lars or Tommy. Mention Scott in Japan sent you, if you don't mind. Super nice guys, but be ready to speak slowly and simply if you are using English.

it?s exacly like mine :) niceeee, befor turning yelow :)

I don't know what system you are running, but that's quite a broad statement and difficult to reply to...

I have had no yellowing issues, and all parts are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 3 years.

The 3" system goes together a bit differently due to clearance issues, here is a crappy pic off my cellphone, if you want to see it better I will drag myself outside and snap a few more.