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Project Sleep on EM!

Hello! Cool car, and it's amazing what a set of wheels can do! :)

Your rear suspension with the 225lb springs and off the shelf 240 Bilstein B6/HD shocks are a bad combination for sure. The stock HD shocks are about good for a stock sprung 240 at stock ride height or with cut stock springs at the most. So, you were very under damped with that pairing.

I don't know how well the S10 shocks match, so I can't comment there.

Dropping down to 175lb springs back there isn't a horrible idea for ride quality, but if you really want to be this low or lower, staying 225lb is a good idea. You'll likely want to increase your front rate, though to keep you off the bump stops. Bump stops are good, you just want your suspension stiff enough to not hit them and to also trim them so you still have some clearance with a decent ride. :nod:

Anyone know of a company that rebuilds racks in the PNW area?
I don't but wish I did! People sadly don't rebuild things anymore with how cheaply aftermarket junk can be done these days. I don't think you can even get aftermarket remanufactured ones right now. At our shop we got a postcard from www.phoenixrackandaxle.com a while back saying they rebuild rack and pinons as well as driveshafts. I know nothing about them but kept the post card in case it was something to look into in the future.
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Just wanted to give an update on the turd!

I've since sold my style 5 wheels to another local enthusiast in town, he's the one that made the tool to remove the rear trailing arm bushings! With shelling off these wheels, I raised the car a few inches since the wagon has became my daily driver.. ( little brother crashed my xterra... ) but now my parents have bought a new vehicle so I'm currently dailying a camary lol

I recently finished a timing belt service with new oil seals and a fresh water pump. I had the hardest time getting the pump to seal properly.. I ended up using a floor jack and 2x4 to push up on the water pump from underneath then used a crow bar to move the pump slightly to get the bolt to thread in! Worked like a charm. I did notice the very top cam seal leaking.. So I'll probably get to that sooner then later.

As for the b230ft swap, I've picked up a 2.4 flywheel from STS, I have the correct wiring harness and ecu's for the swap. I'm unsure if I truly want to continue this swap with how life is right now haha. I'd rather sell my wagon how it is and purchase a newer reliable car. I wish I didn't disassemble the motor, losing a lot of the hardware makes the swap more daunting for me.

Unless someone in town wants to peer pressure me into doing the swap haha!

Till next time.