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Rare Volvo parts that you have!

Chigga 744SE

Taiwan hillbilly
Nov 12, 2002
On. Canada
I can't sleep and found my GTI's old steering wheel, which was rare, it was a 94 GTI non-airbag & leather steering wheel. And then I saw the Rare parts thread both on Bimmerforums and VWvortex, so it got me thinking, what rare Volvo parts you have? ones that I possibily would like to kill you for, like a 740 GT steering wheel Dan has, or a R-sport 16v dohc head? factory 16v grey import? original Grp A poster with signatures? post pix with them too, I know Towery has tons, so does tuff240.

I'll start:
1991 Volvo Accessories brocher in French!

brand new OEM Volvo SE foglight kit with switch that I'm thinking if I want to use it.

Euro parts:
Hova tails, eggcrate grille? is that even rare in this continent? custom made Hamann knock off wheels. Oh, I have e-codes that have level adjuster. And my car was made in Belgium!

things that are rare in my book incld: BBS RS that's on the wagon, original optional Polaris, and just whatever funky euro parts you got, prefer OEM, but post 'em if you got 'em.

link to my brocher attachment.

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My only rare part that I have:
740 SE Front and Rear bumpers (minus mounting hardware and every other bit asides from the actual bumpers themselves:-( )

Not particularly rare, but hard to get a hold of parts:
V90 Door Handles
V90 Rear Wiper Cover
V90 Moonroof
700/900 Cupholders? :-P
-Aluminum 240 flathood
-86+ 240 E codes
-Swedish import plate

I dont know how rare it is, but I always thought it was wierd that my 85 245 wagon had electronic fuel injection instead of the mechanical
that's all i can think of right now
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I don't know that I have anything amazingly rare but..

700 series oil temp gauge
Beam height adjustment motors and knob fer the e-codes

240 cupholder armrest bracket
240 accessory switch (purple)
240 52mm oil temp gauge+sender (fahrenheit)
240 52mm tach
240 intercooler owner's manual (english/french).. and most of the rest of the tourist/diplomat sales stuff

The 245 had the bottom of the dash mounted coin holder and the mounting stuff for the cargo cover when I junked it.
cosworth turbine housing --> custom 3" downpipe hooray. custom 5th gear over drive switch!!!!!! (using a rear defrost as a momentary switch in the center console!!!)
E-codes, Rear decor panel, cup holders :-P , glass roof, chrome trim eggcrate, and the car is in damn near perfect condition ;-) .
Factory installed Intercooler & Boost +
R Sport Momo steering wheel
Sedan rear window louvers
Oil Temp gauge
Volvo wagon moulded rear cargo mat
Rare parts? none really to mention.

Dr Dokeh said:
And my driver side heated seat works :rofl:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ...so does mine! the passenger went at some time, awhile back.

Hey chigga, can you get me a larger scan of that red 740 in that packet. That car is stunning!
The driver's seat heater in the 240 works too! Not sure about the passenger side, but the heated mirrors and rear window don't seem to be...

Oh, and it has BOTH door pockets in mint shape. That's got to be somewhat rare...