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Recommendation for a high flow low drag high reliability good gas mileage b23 water pump and cheap too

1968 volvo

Well-known member
Apr 29, 2021
Santa Rosa California
I’ve gotta replace my water pump on my 240 maybe it’ll fix the engine noise too… what’s a good brand of one to buy that won’t die instantly?

Ps if you don’t understand the title that’s honestly cooler then if you do.
Hepu makes the best pump

Make sure you don't accidentally buy one for a B230
Hepu pumps are the best. The Gates pump is probably the best of the budget brands.
I know hepu pumps are usually recommended but every one I've personally used has failed prematurely. The worst failure was one that had about 15k miles on it and went from completely fine to dumping all the coolant on the ground in 1 trip.
I have known the gaskets and orings with the Hepu have been only ok quality but it's sad to hear the pumps aren't lasting like they used to. I've also used the Graf and Bosch pumps for what it's worth. The ones that failed the fastest for me were the GMB ones. I've never gotten more than about 50k miles from a GMB pump.
The Hepu pumps I have come across have failed early. The pump of choice for me right now is the Graf. They are good quality and half the cost of a HEPU.
Top O-rings that come with HEPU pumps are good for may be 50-60K miles. Can't say anything bad about the pumps.
I have never had a problem with a GMB pump.
GMB has been our preferred brand of water pumps for over 30 years for all the rear wheel drive Volvos we've ever worked on and that includes all of the performance engines we've built'. The only exception is for the B16 engines and that's only because GMB never made 1 for the B16, probably because they're cast iron.
I have never had a problem with a GMB pump.
Neither have I. To be fair, I've not yet had a problem with any replacement water pump, but that just means my experience level as a family fleet maintainer is low. Where I've criticized parts longevity is, like others have, with the top seal between the pump and head. Here's an unboxing of sorts meant to show the features of the GMB and HEPU side by side: Wasserpumpenmann
25k miles ago I replaced a newer (I have service records before my ownership) Hepu that was leaking at the shaft with another Hepu, now it's leaking from the upper seal. I always tediously prepped the surfaces to prevent corrosion and leaks. I'll be installing a Graf or GMB next.
I have yet to have a failure on the cheap Gates pumps (bonus for an efficient cast iron rotor). Race cars with 8k rpm redlines, DDs that have seen 30k+ miles... they just seem to work really really well.