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Repairing clear coat damage

Sir Psycho

holstrich 2.0
Sep 27, 2008
Austin TX
My car has 418 "Regency Red Metallic" paint and in the last year the clear coat has really started to flake off. To my understanding this is a two stage paint so it will not benefit from a cut and buff job that I see people use to restore a lot of old 240 paint back to a shine.

So what can I do, is the only option to get the clear coat resprayed?

Sadly, every Volvo I've owned had the clear coat fail, with the exception of a white 740. My guess is the white didn't have a clear coat. So what Redwood says +1. Let's have a respray party!!! I need to paint my 240.
pic doesn't work but,

cut it back with fine grit to knock down the old clear,wetsand and respray your clear (that is if your color is still good). otherwise matching paint will be tough. if your trying to match the paint color, id give the car a good buffout to restore the original paint as best you can to match the original color. id use liberal coats of wax after to prevent future peeling issues.
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The silver seems to have clear coat issues too, I have noticed silver 240's in the junkyards that have cracked old person wrinkle crap going on. My silver 245 has clear coat peel under the door locks.