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Replacing entire fuel system

Well - it's better, but definitely not perfect. Good enough to leave alone for a while. Perhaps a winter project to pull the 3 lines back off and remake them in hardline aluminum.
Last Sunday (June 24?) several folks from NC (and perhaps VA) met up around the Raleigh area - cruising, pics, burgers -- looked like a good time was had by all. There's a thread somewhere with pictures.
Thanks for this great thread!

I suspect I'll be doing something similar on my cars in the next year. 20 years in the rust belt makes for grumpy fuel lines.

Got a few months on it now and it is working unbelievably well. Quiet, fuel pressure rock solid, more capability than I'll come close to using with either this motor or the LS to follow. And appears to be using less amperage than the two stockers it replaced. Daddy's happy.
Well - after 8 months of living with it - there's still a faint smell of gasoline in the garage -- related to the high level of permeability of Fragola's Series 8000 line. So -- I'm going to pull off the Fragola and hard pipe it with aluminum tubing supply and return. I'll use a short bit of SAE30R9 or SAE30R14 that I have in hand to make up the stubs that come off the fuel pump/sender unit -- just to not have to route the aluminum hard line into that space on top of the gas tank. About $40 worth of fitings/tubing. And wasting $100 on the Fragola line. Oh well - live and learn. The good news is that the hard part - routing/hanging/shielding is already done. Just a matter of pulling the old lines off and flaring both ends on a couple of long runs of tubing. And that should end the fuel smell.
All done. No leaks apparent. All 4 flared fittings sealed on the first try.

Return line up over the axle - connection between hose and hard line...

Same return line up towards the front...

So far - no smell. :)
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Nice Work!

Read through this after it was linked in the AN sender thread.

Question for you - what type of seal do the AN fittings use were they pass through the sender body? I presume you have no vapor/fuel loss at that point? Seems like it was only the porous lines at issue?

I'm using nitrile 10mm line for my setup - same stuff the car came with, just larger ID - with the factory Ford style quick connects, but the sender I/O is a problem for me use to the extremely limited space. Since my sender seat is a recessed cup, I'd need elbows with some sort of extension, but that may still be easier than trying to fit 3/8" QC line fittings.

Do you have any links to the specific components you used at the sender I/O?
The bulkhead fittings have nylon washers above and below the sender top plate -- and you tighten them down with the nut on the bulkhead fitting. No leak there - it's designed to be a fuel-cell bulkhead fitting. On the electric I/O - I ran all three wires (ground, hot, sender) up through what was previously an unused vent line that had a cap on it. And once I ran them through - I mixed up some two part epoxy and sealed off the rest of that pass-through. The original supply/return lines I filled with epoxy and then pinched off the ends above and below the plate.
Thanks for your input. I ended up silver soldering a 3/8"QC fitting over the stick pipe - I had no real room to work with fittings like yours. Shown here pre- POR15 treatment.


The 3/8-3/8" elbow will clear the sender cap nut, and sit low enough to clear the bulkhead.


Thanks again for the great info in your thread!
No problem. Looks like yours is coming along. Actually, on the two stock fittings that I didn't use (the original supply/return) I cleaned them on the inside (dremel) 1/4" or so inside each opening, liberally applied flux to the bottom end, pinched the tank-side shut, dropped in a few cut pieces of solder and torched it til some silver came out of the pinch point; and then filled with epoxy from the top and pinched off the top.
M. H. Yount, any chance of getting the picture links working again? This thread is full of all kinds of win, but sucks that the pics aren't currently working :(
Sorry guys - I finally brought some order/files to my photobucket account, but did it by moving pics instead of copying them to the new files. Consequently lost all the pic links -- because I'm an idiot. Pics restored.