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760 Road Trip Help! - No Start -10,000 Feet Above Sea Level

compression, yes
fuel, yes

but i dont think i have spark??? i took out the spark plug boot, grabbed another spark plug, plugged the spark plug into the boot, and then grounded the threads to the car.... tried starting the car and got nothing. if that is the right way to check for spark, then yes i dont have spark....

wierd, since i checked out the powerstage, and resistor pack?????
any way to check if the coil is good? i dont have a replacement coil lying around? thanks for all the help...
got it running! dont know what the spark problem was all about. but my last question, being up in the mountains, should my car be running this slow, boost is terribly lower than normal?
check for boost leaks tighten hose clamps ect. Possibly pull the intake hose to the turbo and check for lots of shaft play. ALso hot air is less dense in other words going up that hill got the turbo super hot and blowing hot air makes less boost.

Just a thought.

Good lukc man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well we are at about 5000 feet here, and our passes are up over 8000ft. The cars definately suffer a little at altitude, but boost should not drop drastically. Did you check for leaks in the IC plumbing and IC iteslf?
I live here at 10,000 ft. You have a bad turbo hose. Don't give it full boost for more than 20 seconds at a time! These grades can be steep and long, don't test drive your 1988 like I did and melt it all down.