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240 RPMs stay high after releasing throttle

Maximum Turtles

New member
Feb 18, 2014
Santa Rosa, CA
I was in an accident about a week ago, and after three days of work and a sale at the local pick and pull, the car is looking like nothing ever happened, and there are only a few symptoms left. One such symptom is the throttle.

When I use the gas pedal, the RPMs rise normally, but when I take my foot off of the gas, the RPMs stay at that same level. I am only able to bring them down to the normal idle speed by pulling the pedal back up with my foot. When I do so, the idle remains stable at ~770 RPM.

What might be causing the problem and how might I fix this?
Remove the cable from the throttle spool. start engine. rev engine by hand. If it returns to normal you need a cable. You can try lubing it with WD 40 and compressed air..... Its likely stuck after 20+ years ( mines 38)