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s70 remote start?

n xntrx volvo

Dec 5, 2003
corinth, ms / los angeles
it gets cold as **** here for my socal blood, so picked up a remote start kit for the old ladies s70 (98). its a basic add-on style so she can keep her volvo remotes.
from my understanding, only the me7 cars need a module, is this right?
anyone have a wiring diagram of this car to ease installation?
anyone done an install on a p1?
Constant 12V+ Red/Black and Red Ignition Switch Harness
Starter Yellow/White Ignition Switch Harness
Ignition Blue/Red Ignition Switch Harness
Ignition 2 Green/Yellow Ignition Switch Harness
Accessory Yellow/Purple Ignition Switch Harness
Tach Blue Coil
Brake Switch Yellow Brake Switch
Trunk Release Yellow/White (+) Brake Switch
Parking Lights White (+) Light Switch
Head Lamp Yellow (+) Light Switch
Door Trigger Pink/Black (-) Keyless Module above Hood Release
Door Lock Yellow/Gray (-) Keyless Module above Hood Release. Black Box 2 Green
Door Unlock Gray/Red (-) Connectors (Double Pulse to Unlock )

I probably have something better at work which I can get for you tommorrow.