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Sam Steffanson short throw shifter noises

Is it for redblock manual?

It's a basic design, it's probably something that can be fixed easily. Do you have pictures of the setup?
First of all, it's a racing part and not even remotely designed to be quiet. But putting that aside, there is very little than be done other than adding softer parts to absorb vibration. I had the same problem when I was using the Craving Boost shifter, which was similar. I was able to dampen *some* vibration by wrapping some stretched silicone vacuum hose around the bottom pivot. It provided tension while not restricting free movement.
Dave B
I have that shifter in my car. It is not excessively noisy. My knob comes off easily. Mine has some vibration on overrun but my transmission is very noisy so I may not be hearing everything you hear with a normal transmission.
In the end I pulled off the knob and replaced the spring with a stiffer one. Now all rattling is gone :)