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Sander's 6.0 V12 745 project

Think about Great Britain, Japan, India, Pakistan, Australia and ca. 46 other countries compared to the rest of the world.
And now....

you know why this engine is equipped with two places to mount a starter:pointlol:

Great project! subcribed!
regards Kay
As mentioned, the starter is on the other side on rhd cars.

With plenty of V12 torque on tap, seems like you might be able to cut the runners shorter - and re-attach a plenum that has the throttle positioned where you can deal with it.

Come to think of it, ditch the mani --- 12 stack of ITB's....between the intake and the exhaust sound....well, you win. 2 starters?

Initially I'll just cut off the mountings for the TB's and weld them on further forward. I do want to make a custom manifold somewhere in the future, maybe itb's indeed, but first I just want to get it running. The space above the engine is a bit limited too, especially at the front.

Do work, Sander!

I'm working as fast as I can!
How much does that motor weigh?

Complete engine with all accessories is 302kg (666Lbs). The gearbox is 76kg (169Lbs). It'll be a bit lighter in my car though, as I'm not using everything that's on there. I'm not using the secondairy air pump, the rather massive AC compressor and the fan with the viscous coupling. That should shave off about 25kg. I'm also moving the battery to the back and, if I can find one, install an aluminium hood from a diesel 740. All in all it shouldn't be much heavier than a 2jz-gte swap.
How much does that motor weigh?

The complete engine with all accesories and manifolds is 300kg. Just took the original TB's off and those together are already a good 5kg. Very heavy things. I also don't need the AC compressor and the secondairy airpump so it'll be a bit lighter. The manifolds weigh quite a bit too.

Pooprah, I wasn't aware you were doing something like this also

I think he was quoting a post of me from my old thread.

I meant that as an internet high-five of encouragement!

Thanks :)
Been working on the engine mounts. The right one is almost done and the left one is tacked together. I'll finish both of them later this week. I'm using a big polyurethene rubber mount from the leaf springs of a Ford Escort MK2 or something. They're nicely sized for this. As there is not a lot of clearance in the trans tunnel, between the subframe and oil pan and between the intake and the master brake cylinder, I don't want that the engine moves too much as it might hit something. I hope it's not too stiff, but a V12 is an extremely smooth running engine so it should be ok. I mounted the engine about as low as I can get it for obvious reasons, and wanted some relatively small mounts so there is more space for the headers. The tubing diameter I used was a bit too large for the rubbers, so I had to cut them and reweld but now they are perfect for the rubber size. The mount will bolt on to the Volvo crossmember at the original mounting points and on the V12 also on the original points. This way if it ends up being too close to the crossmember, I can always raise it a bit by putting a spacer between the mount and the crossmember until I get the right hight.

One could even use the original Mercedes mounts, they line up rather well on the Volvo. The reason I'm not using them is because they are rather big and the bolt hole for the rubber mount is at an awkward angle to the subframe (not so clear in the pictures), it's tilted with the bottom towards the wheels by about 30 degrees or so. It will still work to make a set of mounts to fit the Volvo subframe and bolts in the Mercedes arms, but as said before they'll eat up a lot of space that could be used for a nice pair of headers.

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Wow, nice!

No pan yet?

Any pics as it sits in the bay?

Thanks! No pan yet, I'll do that once I have the engine fitted with all the mounts.

I finished the engine mounts, just the trans mount needs to be finished and then I can make the pan. The engine is sitting slightly lower than I'd like, but I have to see how much I can notch the crossmember for the oil pan or just use some spacers between the mounts and the crossmember to make it sit a bit higher, but that will be tight then with the trans tunnel. The engine sits firmly in place, I hope it's not too harsh with the poly mounts, but there isn't much clearance anywhere so at least this way it can't move around.

I hacked up the stock volvo trans crossmember and moved it back a little bit by welding the holes closed and redrilling. I'm using the stock mercedes trans mount.
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Thanks! I'm not going fast enough for my liking haha. They should be, I don't want this thing to wobble around too much as there isn't enough space for that.
Looking good!

Here in Sweden with this engine swap to get it road legal the 745 would have to weigh 2000kg :lol:
Looking good!

Here in Sweden with this engine swap to get it road legal the 745 would have to weigh 2000kg :lol:
Haha why is that then? To get this registered in Holland should be ok (the car is still on Dutch plates), but to get it on German plates then is going to be a challenge too
It's either the power limit set by the automaker (740 is 238hp/310nm) or upgrade brakes, chassi, axles and stuff and get it registered as a "modified car" then the limit is 15kw/100kg. That's why the T5 is so popular here, just within the power limits.