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Sander's 6.0 V12 745 project

Nice addition to your house and a clever way to maximise the available space you have . Going to be mint when finished .
Fully nine months since an update.... Tell stories friend!

It appears my last update got lost somehow when the forum was down for a week or so. Have been slowly moving forward with the whole garage and garden etc, although the last 3 months have been extremely slow. The summer months are the high season at work for me, so almost no time whatsoever to do anything at home. Short summary since the last update from 9 months ago; finished the retaining walls, finished the roofing with drainage layers etc, layed the connection until the driveway for the electricity and water etc, planted a big gum tree (about 8 or 9m tall), added another 100 tonnes of ground on top to fill it, planted a hedge and garden etc and built a wooden terrace. From October onwards, I should have more time for it again. The end of the project is in sight :). Can't wait to organize my new shop and finally be able to walk around the Volvo for once. Here's a ton of pictures (the missing update and a new one):


Inspiring and it shows the creativity of needing a garage shop. Like the rest of your projects I have followed, this one follows suit. Well done, sir!
No I just made 1 set, but I can share the design if you are interested. It would be way cheaper too for you if you would have a set made locally.


Hi Sander I am wondering if you are still willing to share the design? I have no problem paying for it either! I have a 89 780 that we use for endurance racing and need this bracket for the rear to complete our s60r brake conversion! I dont think we will bother with the hand brake ..It?s a dedicated race car so I?m not too concerned with not having one. From reading through your posts it seem we have to change the rear hubs from a 780?s to 960?s that is pretty strain and the extra Offset will be helpful for wheel choice.

If Sander can?t do it maybe someone knows where I can get these brackets for 700/900 with IRS.