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SeanHodgins 1981 242 GLT

Hope its not some law requirement. I have the Bosch H4 outer squares, and the high beams work pretty well.

Did this today cause the one usual license plate lights always falls out and dangles, bugs the hell out of me. Had the idea to do it a long time ago, luckily The aspirator happened to have some LED strips so I didn't have to buy them (limiting factor).



Cheap awesome and effective. Now the police will have no trouble reading my license plate. Wait a minute.

edit: just took a night shot, brighter than I thought, looks good though.

Also installed my GPS speedo, and wired up the rest of the front lights, everything is legal!
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Haha I have some crappy videos, but the crappy kijiji trans broke yesterday, as I was on my way to put a deposit on a crappy jy trans. Ironic.

When I bought the trans the PO said it would get stuck in 4th, took the whole thing apart, found what was broken(in this thread) and put it back together. Its doing the same thing again, so it must be something else broken thats causing the syncro locks to snap, I can't get it out of third. First it got stuck in 4th, got it out, kept driving, then stuck in third got it out again, then 3rd one last time and now it won't come out at all. Found another T5 this time out of a V8 in the junkyard, feels like it shifts fine. Going to put it in this weekend.
Back at it, going to try and swap the trans today. New trans feels good, hopefully it is good. Was definitely swapped into the car I found in the junkyard. Its a 199 T5, still has the electronic speedo out, so I'm going to hook that up to MS I think. That or to a newer 240 gauge cluster.

This a stock shifter? Were the stop bolts added to later T5s? Its a Hurst, but I don't know if they came stock on the later T5s or not.

Had to take my mind off idle tuning yesteday, for some reason that meant removing interior. I think I'm going to make some Lexan or sheetmetal door panels. I can't seem to find the examples that used to be on turbobricks, anyone remember any projects/pictures that had them?



Hope noone will kill me for possibly ruining these old door panels(they're very water damaged) As I need the top metal piece to bolt to new door panels. If anyone wants them, let me know.


Might attempt to widen the rear end soon, and found a small hole where about a pound of dirt/dust has come in, due to the wheel spinning and throwing dirt water in it. Amazing what time can do, it was all behind the rear seat.
Decided to get rid of the drone of having the exhaust end under the car, which means I needed(decided?) to eliminate the terribly horrible and inefficient muffler I had on it. Now its just a side pipe with a resonator, kind of loud, but more suiting for the time being. Waiting for my friend to get me a good 3" muffler.

but I can't post pictures or links.
Clutch keeps loosening, the cable itself in the rubber holder. PP has a lot of preload on it. I'm thinking about wrapping a hose around the cable on the engine side and tightening a hose clamp to stop it from moving. Unless there is a better solution?
I had a similar problem, that and cable stretch/the adjuster compressing. I did the hose clamp thing but no real permanent solution. The best solution was a hydro clutch, worlds better. Wilwood master and stock slave. ;-)
Thats the plan.. Other then the fact I don't want to drop my tranny for the second time in one month :lol:
I was hoping to find a stock 240 hydro pedal, instead of modifying one, but I guess since it will be easier to modify then to find one.
Any reason you went with the wilwood over the stock master? They should bolt right up to the block off plate location.
Couldn't find a stock master, and iirc they have odd fitting sizes. The Wilwood masters are readily available for ~$50. Used a rod end for adjustment. The stock slave has a odd fitting size (m12x1.0 bubble?) I had to find a -3an to that size fitting and modify it to fit the depth of the slave. Also modified the cable pull-type clutch fork to make it pivot on the opposite side, making it a push-type.


I ended up making a rubber stop for the pedal as it travels much further than needed.
Hey I can post pictures again! Side Exit! My welding/fab is improving slightly if I do say so myself.





Look at that rear wheel gap! (stock coil height)

Exhaust isn't quiet, anyone want it when I run my full exhaust this winter? haha

Car is now off insurance for the winter, didn't want to do it so early, but its been cold and Im busy as hell with school.
I'm thinking about doing the fuel system over the winter break. Need to dig up some nice looking trunk filter/pump setups maybe. Will probably keep the stock tank for awhile. It looks like it was replaced right before I bought the car, so I gotta put some use to it.
It is, but the current price is wrong, needs to go up, it's more of a if someone wants to pay the price for it.

Everything is for sale!
Do you have a picture, or semi description of how you ran your drain line?

Right now, the easiest way, is looking like through the 1st and 2nd runner.