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Show me 240's with 850 front bumper skins


New member
Sep 27, 2009
Little Rock, AR
I'd like to see more pics of 850 front bumper skins mounted on 240's. Not the '93 air dam, but the whole cover. I'm seriously considering doing it to a spare stripped front skinny bumper I have to make a removable front bumper upgrade for my car. I'd like to see some head on, side, 3/4 profile, and especially pics of how it was mounted from the back side and underneath if possible and what you used to do so. Any colors are fine, but I would love to see some black skins on black cars since my 244 is black. Haters gonna hate :-P

absolute dog****.

/edit: case in point...

just find a lip you like and stick it under the stock bumper and see how it looks.

i found a gt lip and fit it under the 83+bumpers. its held on with like 2 bolts and zipties in the pic haha
Thanks for all the pics so far, I already have a plasti-dipped '93 850 air dam that I'm going to mount on my skinny bumper up front, I was just seeing what people had done for the whole front skin. I like the air dam, but the last one I installed was flimsy and would bend if any kind of air was pushed into it. Like I said, I have a bare skinny bumper that I can use to play around with the bumper skin idea, some people think it looks like **** but to each their own and we can agree to disagree.

Keep the pics coming if you have them cookiemonster! I think I asked about pics in a thread and you posted a couple but more would be nice. I know Myles put a maroon skin on his 242 before he went a different route and to me that looked banging.
that's pretty neat! not my cup of tea, but it looks really good on that car. I think it's a little too recessed behind the bumper...if it was brought forward 6" then I would be drooling
I also tried it along time ago and didn't end up liking it. afterwords I made a custom one combining the stock 240 old and new style spoilers.