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show your wheels!

Enkie "minilites" on my '78 242

Slammed some RH-s under the 740 with adapters. I guess they're okay. Thought its worth sharing, have never seen those under volvo. 17x8 and effective offset 7mm rear 12mm front. 215/45/17 tyres.


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I had a set of MiniLites fabricated in the UK for my '89 back in the day...


I've just recently added an '85 240 GLT to the garage and the PO had his Turbos powder coated black...


The Goodyear Eagle RSAs really make the look...


Cheers Mates,
8,5 x 17" ET 6 and 5x108. 18" are available new from Sweden (eg. th-petterson, scstyling) with the same offset and width.
I felt 17" would suite me better, so I got these second hand.
Ah ok. I thought they were original 17x8 ET20 or smth.
In winter the 242 runs a stock set of 15x6 Virgos (easy to clean)

In summer I prefer the 16x7 BBS RA.

Even though I've had the car 10 years those are the only two sets of wheels that have ever been on it.

The Bertone sits on 15x7 Multi-X right now, until I find something more fun.

I have a set of the original 262C wheels too, but one is badly damaged.

The V70R is currently on stock 17" Satelites

I have a set of Tritons and a set of Neptunes in storage waiting for me to care enough to buy tires and throw them on, but I don't have photos of them.
Do you use 25mm spacers for the Bertone on multi x wheels? I couldn't get them to fit without a spacer.