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show your wheels!

Crushed the car.

Still have the wheels...


do you have pictures or videos of the car when it was in its prime? i love it sad to hear it got crushed
I have a few..project thread has some photos too. youtube search for 'towery 244' will pull up the old Carlisle autocross vids, that was a fun time on a fun course.


Greg Keysar photo, Waldorf, MD, 2010. 16x9.5 Work, 275/45 Hoosier A6:

Never quite did get that roll center under control. kaplan 2-wheeling it...or very close.

My final drive, on 295 Hoosier A7, on the 17x11 BBS above

2006. MikeP claimed to know how to drive a car :cameron: Looks like 15x7 ET12 MSWs on the front and would have been 15x7 ET20 780 Multi-X on the rear with 225/45/15 Hoosier R3S04...I think. I had a local hookup from a road racer who ran hoosiers, but only 2 weekends (6 heat cycles), and sold them to me for about $100/set. I'd run them til the outside edge corded, flip them, run til that edge corded, and by then they were definitely used up.


Once scored a free set of mid-life 215/40/17...I think...Mini Cooper S sized I believe, Kumho V700 / V710 but not the victoracer, the other one that had a street-tire-like tread pattern, but the ~40 treadwear rating of an r-compound. Drove to/from events on them and learned what fun it is to street drive a race tire.

May 2005, Carlisle, peak trim & paint before it all went downhill (to race car)

It's a wheel thread...2004, red 10-spokes were cool. 225/50/15 BFGs, whatever ~200 treadwear autocross tire they had at the time.

15x7 ET12 MSWs with 195/50/15 Bridgestone RE71s that had a '90s 3-digit DOT date code (in 2006)

C4 vette, 2008. I still think these look good on a 240