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slow 240's 242 build "briquette"

GOD ALMIGHTY my legs are pale :lol:

i put the perches there because when funding allows im going to shorten the tubes and get saab inserts so i can haz moar low.

im looking at 8" springs, with the perches all the way up that should be an acceptable ride height :-P

the other k-jet to lh2.2 project in my driveway runs, so as soon as i can get the brakes to stop dragging and fix the timing, thatll come out and this thread will get REALLY interesting. :cool:
well, i took the wagon out for one last lap around the block.
parked it next to the 242, cranked up the lady gaga, and let the madness begin.


Geoff and Josh stopped by to help out (THANKS GUYS!!!!)


Geoff's shop dog Bear came along to keep us company

and in ONE DAY!;

Geoff even loaned me some 275# 7" springs so i could throw the coilovers on.

probably the most productive day ive ever had to date, but I owe these guys big time, im just super stoked to see things happening with this car :-D
You don't mess around do you? I wish I could have been there to lend a hand, or just to stand around & make fun of you while you worked.
I'll be over this Sunday once I get back.
no problem dude, itll probably be on the road by the time you get home, i have all of today off, and i just scrapped my spare cat, now i have cashflow to finish everything :-P

i really couldnt have done this without josh or geoff, josh and i started at bout 11, geoff came at about 3, and we were packing up by 9. with a lunch break in between, it was a pretty leisurely pace, but we definitely got work done ;-)
that was some top notch tummy stuffin'

anyways, made some progress today.

got everything plumbed up, just needs fuel pumps, some wiring and a few fuel lines

switched the recaro over (was losing momentum for the day, im still pretty beat from yesterday)

and even put the hood on and it looks like a car again!!!! :cool:

should have it running in the next day for two, then on the road by the end of the week, then i can WASH IT!
ill buy a nice big set of mandrel bends so we can build you a nice turbo exhaust for the 242 ;-)
then you can V8 that new wagon :-P

so far since my last update i have finished the front suspension and put the brakes back on, swapped the gas tank (this one was REALLY rusty :lol:) and done half of the rear suspension/brakes

i need to finalize the rear end,
bolt up the driveshaft,
check/retighten all major fasteners,
replace the main fuel pump,
run a few more fuel lines
and wire it up.

not a very long list till this bugger is on the road :-D
Shooting for having it on the road this weekend.

it runs now, all i need is to get the shifter back from geoff and hook up the clutch cable and its roadworthy!

loud as F*CK though!
open 3" DP is a little more intense than i thought it would be :lol:

and i left the camera at MY house :-)cool:) so no video yet :-P
well its on the road, er, was, i drove it around yesterday and its an absolute hoot, i couldnt stop laughing the whole time, the shifter feels AWESOME, thanks ryan for the original design and geoff for the slight rework ;-)
the suspensions rides great, no clunks....i think, i cant really hear anything.
the steering is super heavy with the looped lines, i dont really like it, but i think im going to create an ac delete bracket for the later style pumps and market them.

overall, i cant believe how much fun it is, ill have pics tonight, i have to go replace my center support bushing.
one little clutch drop and the bushing went PLEHHHHH
they are old noltec units, version 1 i believe, i got them from a TB user who has apparently had them for a long time

i should have pictures up tomorrow, i have a big ol oil leak at the sandwich plate for the oil cooler, but i wont be able to work on it tomorrow before work, i have to sit around and wait for the gas company to come turn on the gas at my new house.
a few more from the taste of memphis mini meet, just to prove it runs :-P



i guess ill post a full mods list for this car, since its got one worth posting :lol:

95 b230fd squirter block, .55 trim t3 with a stock hotside, 3" DP (ill finish the rest soon), A cam, adj. cam gear, m46 with a stock flat flywheel, LH2.2 swap with EZK.
kyote style coilovers in the front 5" sleeves with 9" 220lb springs, noltec V1 camber plates, BBS Propus C with 34mm spacers all the way around, IPD sways/panhard bar (need to install those :lol:), ATE atom rotors with wagner ceramic pads.

i think thats it.....

a few rainy picherz

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just a quick update, the 242 is running well, nothing catastrophically failed yet, so im happy.

plus i threw on an MBC and turned the boost up to 10psig (from 4 :lol:) and it is hilarious.
itll toss you back in your seat, its not fast, but its definitely fun :lol:

oh and just because; before and after