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Smoking at temp


New member
Dec 6, 2002
My 85 760t smokes badly when its warm it runs good otherwise ther is a oil film in the intercooler Id like to eliminate any external causes pluged valve or switch? A nother thing on the left side on the innerefender betwen the battry n the power stering res. ther is somthing monted to a 3 post brackit with wirers n vacume hoses going to it its ben removed ? i have looked for a car like mine to see whats mising nothing the same HELLP :)


The Isaac
Nov 13, 2002
Hurricane River Street, FL
The smoke is probably from a bad turbo. Pull the hose off the compressor inlet of the turbo and check the turbo's shaft for side to side movement. If it moves a lot, it's bad.


<Master Tech>
Nov 19, 2002
The oil seals in the turbo can be bad. Oil seals in the head can cause oil to enter the chambers too. If you have oil in the intercooler you probably have an oil leak in the turbo. Running rich can cause smoke too.