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960 Some maintenance/cleaning questions


Part-time Tinkerer
Feb 25, 2015
Austin, TX
Hello all, got a couple questions for you guys.

1) Seat buckle shenanigans

Does this look right, distance wise? I installed the brand new buckles and they sit so far away from the leather of the seat. You can see where the old ones were literally smashed against the leather. Is it supposed to be snug to the seat? I'm 90% sure I installed them the way the old ones came off...

2) This door hinge grossness

What is the best way to clean this up and lube it properly? For the last couple years I've been wiping down the hinges and then spraying white lithium grease from a spray can in and around it. It looks okay for a month and then every bit of road dirt collects there. What should I really be using? The cars I see at the shows look sparkling clean in this area and this is starting to bother me. Is there something I can use that won't collect massive amounts of dirt? And is there a degreaser I should use to remove all this that won't damage the paint? If you look closely you can see where the spring is getting cut into (it is 25 years old after all) and slightly rusting (thats not good). All four doors look like this.

Boop? I see online that most people seem to recommend white lithium grease, but how do I clean up the old gunk and how do I keep it from getting so messy again?
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