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Something in Nashville?


New member
Mar 6, 2006
Kingston Springs, TN
If enough people are interested, I'll try to put something together for the Spring time frame. Just chime in with suggested activities. Anyone up for a meet-n-greet, swap meet, cruise, timed course, etc?

Fred Gately

New member
Mar 19, 2006
Nashville, TN
Yeah, I'd be interested. Haven't been on in a few days due to Christmas, etc., but I'd be open to it. I'd be open to a meet and greet with any TB's in the area, Saturdays during the day would usually work. Maybe a Sunday afternoon we could meet at a Sports Bar and watch a game. ???????

For what it's worth, there's a 960 on Nashville craigslist at a salvage yard (Napoca?) in Hendersonville I'm buying the glass sunroof out of it for my 940T, and he says it's going to the crusher soon.