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240 Spark plug gapping tool

I was baffled at first, but seeing the size of the damn thing it starts to make more sense.


If you're an industrial service tech doing dozens of these every week I bet this suddenly starts to look real good rather than messing around with feeler gauges, pliers and such.
Neat idea/doesn?t scratch anything &/or fatigue the metal bending or over bending it and keeps the surfaces parallel w/perfect contact wipe and I bet you could get 200,000 miles on a set of super super fancy OEM platinum/iridiums checking the gap and adjusting perfectly on a hot spark industrial turbocharged compressed natural gas engine or something?
Keep the gap at exactly at the wider end of spec to maximize economy etc without allowing to get excessively wide / prematurely wear other electronics & ignition Components & within spec, why not?

Something that gets beat on brutally like a high compression spark+ Compression ignition quiet running no smoke dedicated CNG (compressed natural gas where they refill it every night and it has a brutal stop& to route with a ton of idle hours but oil never gets dirty / propane or CNG pays for itself in reduced maintenance &/orneed for horrific complicated smog devices &/or super high pressure liquid fuel injection on modern diesels w/measures to quiet them down to drive at 5-7AM in nice neighborhoods &/or use the methane/natural gas recovered from garbage to power it?

Quiet odorless garbage truck in a neighborhood with 2+ million dollar houses & huge corporation doing preventative fleet maintenance trying to maximize service life/engine life to 20+ years with no breakdowns w/a full garbage truck & compactor with lots of combustion pressure/turbo spooling up & down between every stop? Sounds good & logical to me?

If the plugs are ~$200ea on back order in the ?new normal? post covid supply chain and engine damage or a truck out of service unplanned unexpectedly on a route can cost millions or an electrode snapping off could damage a very specialized high stress high boost engine, what?s a lousy 10s or 100s of $ for the right tool?

Maybe too rich for dirtbag lowlifes Abusing and not properly appreciating their Volvos hacking and molesting them?
& relatively forgiving & inexpensive copper plugs work ?fine? on the stock n/a Volvo SOHC while on bathtub combustion chamber where precise ignition timing w/super hot spark/wider gaps isn?t as critical as modern overboosted narrow bore centrally located spark plug pentroof combustion chamber engines & on an engine where the plug life interval is decently long & plugs are pretty easily accessible?

That said, I bet if you properly re-gapped every oil change or so they could to 150k or something nuts & with little risk that the electrode would break off/damage the engine w/regular inspection/gapping for the truly anal-retentive keeping their redblock tractor (or other critical-application something?) going tip-top w/the Volvo wagon ?owner-operator? work truck? instead of most TBers frivolous feutilitarian projects and molestations or excuses to go out to the garage to avoid the screaming kids &/or being nagged by the better half/wife?
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