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Squirter block in my 740T


May 18, 2003
Santiago de Chile
Thanks to 745T+ my '87 skinny rod block was replaced with a very nice '93 N/A squirter block. The old block was running fine, even 138 psi compression across the board, but was the limiting factor in my search for more power. The previous setup was mostly stock with the exception of a V cam, airbox mod and 11 psi boost.

Squirter block in the stand as it came out of the crate. My friend 745T+ carefully greased all the bores: (sorry for the bad quality cellphone pictures..)


He also send me a turbo head. Some unshrouding...


A 90+ manifold (thanks again to 745T+) machined to T3 flange:


My car is already a turbo car, so LH 2.2 will provide enough fuel for my goal (for now). But the block needed a return path for the turbo oil drain: (see the bigger studs in the manifold down in the floor?



I used the stock drain pipe with a silicone hose attached to the block. Oil feel from the block. The T3 has a bigger compressor and was upgraded by Turbodal in Santiago:


The car is currently running 10 psi boost, 12 deg. base timing advance and it feels faster and more fuel efficient than before.

More and better pictures later.