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I have come into the ownership of a '90 240DL. No squirters but I'm building for boost. Seems like I'll need to perform this. I'm getting my block machined soon. Can I just tell the machine shop to install oil squirters? Would they know what I'm talking about? Or, is this kit in particular made in such a way that a machine shop can't do it.
It would be best if you did the machining yourself with the kit before you take the block in.

Managed to find a wrecked '93 940 turbo with good engine and trans. This block should already have the squirters correct? If so, I'm going to grab it and other things but probably not the trans.
Link to aftermarket squirters and an oil pump? I have a COMPLETELY bare block that someone lost the squirters too. And almost everything else.
Oh Kenwood Hair darhilk!! Yooooooo Whooooooo!!!:oogle:
I need to borrow one of my kits!!!!

And fairly quickly. You still have my address?

How do I borrow my kit?:oops:

Luckily it's here.

You can borrow it, everybody else pays a small fee of $25 to keep it maintained and going.

PM sent.
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