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starting my 1st 240 turbo conversion soon


New member
Feb 24, 2023
Good Afternoon all.

Im a new member but not new to Volvo.
I started as a apprentice tech in 1989 and worked up to MT.

Im still working on volvos in my 50's lol

So Im collecting parts ready to convert my 1991 240 to turbo.

I am looking for some info on chips.
I will replace my NA ecu's with Turbo ones but will need chip to remove the 940 immobiliser.

My setup is going to be

3" Maf from a 960
Volvo T5 injectors
Volvo T5 Turbo (I think its a 13T)
2 1/2 inch exhaust with no Cat.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a couple of chips.
Or help me buy what I need to make my own.

Ive seen the chip instructions on this forum but its missing all the photos.

Thanks for any help

Hi, both I (europe) and Redblockpowered (US) can provide you with suitable chips for this setup, these will also remove your immobilizer from the turbo ecu. If you do not have a chippable ignition computer we both stock daughterboards to make it as such:

I also have some pdf manuals to clarify install and the chipping which I can email to you (to large to attach)