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760 Steering lock/dash fitment


Active member
Mar 1, 2008
Santa Cruz, CA
So when I got my 760, the PO had taken the original ignition/steering lock/key setup for his 940, so I had to go to PnP to get another steering column for it. I couldn't get the ignition cylinder to fit in it's hole in the dash, so I slid it out of the steering column and zip tied it to the opening were the sunroof and defrost switches go.

Is there a way to get the ignition cylinder to go into the hole next to the steering column? I've been told to cut the piece of sheetmetal separating the 2 openings, but that seems kinda half assed. All I can think of is that the entire dash has to unbolt and move back 1" to clear it, since the steering column wont cooperate even when unbolted from the dash, linkage, and firewall.