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240 Stuck carrier bearing, G80 swap


Mere Drab Mob
Jun 12, 2010
Port Moody, BC
I'm doing a G80 swap on my step-son's M47 '89 245. He is taking it
tree-planting in northern Alberta next week and we are trying to
make it bush capable.

Both the half-shafts and the differental carrier popped out easily
from the axle. When I put a G80 into our '82 a few years ago, I
had to tap the half shafts out with a dead-blow on the inverted
rotors, and the carrier had to be pried out.

The axle felt a little notchy when turned with the driveshaft
stationary. I measured the backlash on the ring gear at eight
thousandths of an inch. The wear pattern on the teeth looks even
and centered.

The carrier bearings seem to be stuck on the carrier. I started
with the ring gear side and the bearing will not pull off. The
roller cage got completely mangled to the point where I cut it
off, but the inner race refuses to budge. I even tried pulling
from the top flange on the inner race; the flange shattered where
the puller was grabbing it. Heat did not help.

The bearings on the G80, and on the last axle I did this swap to
pulled off with no trouble.

I'm trying to remove the bearings from the open carrier to
retrieve the shims. I have brand new bearings to press onto the
G80 carrier.

The end of the carrier has two sets of four square impressions on
it, almost as if it had been peened with a machine to lock the
bearing on. I've not seen this before.

We've given up for the night. I think the next step is to cut the
inner race off.

Plan B is to dig a spare 1031 axle out of the crawlspace and swap
the G80 into it, and then put the whole axle into the car with
the existing cover with the speedo pickup. The ratio change to
3.73:1 might be an advantage, but an entire axle swap is a bunch
more work, and time is getting thin. On the other hand, I'm not
sure that I trust this axle.

Has anyone encountered this before? Any tips?

Well, I wound up cutting off the bearings with a cut-off disc in
a rotary tool. Both bearings popped open when cut ~80% through.

Shims cleaned up, diffs swapped, new bearings, backlash is
exactly the same and it works.