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760 Suspension:Volvo 760T Billy HD in the front.... Nivo in the back


Nov 18, 2007
Irvine, CA
My front suspension is pretty much shot... but miraculously my Nivomats are still holding up..

Question 1... is it okay to put Billy HD in the front and have my Nivomats in the back? Will the car handle REALLY funny/dangerous?

Also i was looking at the IRS Rear Coilovers from kaplhenke racing..... (if i did in fact need to change my rear shocks)

Question 2: would it be okay to use these koni adjustable in the back and the billy hd in the front? I don't want to use the IPD conversion kid since i read alot of mixed opinions about them.

Car has 200K on original shocks
You will be fine. They may take sometime to settle in, but after that, you will be golden. Let me know if you need anything for the swap.
I put hds on the rear of mine with 300lb stock car springs, but 250 is better for a more stock car.
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