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Svea - 1968 220 -


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Oct 27, 2011
The Dalles, Oregon
Svea - BOOSTED!!! - 1968 220 -

Ok, so I've never really done any sort of project thread so this can be moved to the showroom if it doesn't fit here.

I purchased a 1968 220 (Vin comes back as a 67, but registered as 68) from a local hot rod builder/mortician in 2005. I was 17 and had to make payments on it :cool: that fits the tbrickers budget right?

He bought the car at a PDX swap meet because his wife liked the body. They started with a stage 0 attempt but she got tired of waiting and bought a Suby GT wagon. I picked it up for 2k and when I got it I found about 1.5k in parts inside. It came with custom lowering springs, kyb shocks and some extras.

I got it drivable while in college and beat the sh!t out of it for about 2 years. While doing all of that I managed to I mis read some SSA bs and racked myself into about 15k worth of debt with the feds.. So I stopped going to school and 7 years later I am finally getting to a point where I can bring this thing back to where I wanted it to be. Currently it has a b18 bored way out, don't remember how far (it came that way) b20 head, crane xr700 box, unknown cam, isky lifters and push rods, kybs in all corners, custom springs, M41 od trans, stock brakes and rear.

The build sheet (wants and haves):
Coilovers at all 4 corners - thinking of some Q1A double adjustables from summit, still doing the maths...
Wilwoods at all 4 corners (have adapters from Brick Autosport)
Ipd Sways Front and Rear (Front is on and rear is going in soon)
Looking to do a T5 swap
Keeping the B20, going +t Savar Turbo Style
- Have double valve springs, 3 angle head job, ported the exhaust at the valve seat, possibly going to weld the floors and reshape the port?
- B20 .040 pistons on the work bench with the block under said workbench waiting to be bored.
- Hoping to find a KG turbo cam, otherwise I'll have to see about having a custom one made up. Maybe a K cam if that doesn't work.
- SBC lifters and tubular pushrods (done)
MS2v3 - this will be getting ordered in the next couple months.
Winters Quickchange rear end - Still looking for one.

And I forgot to take pics of the car all together, but heres after some disassembly


some shotty body work!

Rusted window sills


Then in 2011 I bought a house, kinda sucked since I lost my garage, but I wasn't throwing money at the neighbor anymore! And it left me working in the driveway without a cover.

That's Dahla helping me adjust a fender. We just got her, she was 3 months old in that picture.

Some interior stripping and removal of the carpet underlayment.


and after some truck bed liner


Then the nose needed reworked

after a quick prime it got a test fit

Then the engine bay got stripped and primed

I moved and filled the fuel filler (I hated it when the gas attendant would leave and the nozzle would shoot out)

Then it got sealed and then body work and primer





Took everything apart after I wet sanded so I could clean it all again

I tried a single stage urethane since I had no where to paint except for the backyard, and no one would rent me their booth


Well that didn't go so well. Note to anyone who wants to paint outside in the summer, get a booth or climate controlled storage unit! Otherwise it looks like Rhino Liner! This mostly happened on the last coat. The first 3 coats went down smooth with decent flow out, but the temp took a jump from 70 to almost 90 in the recommended flaw time. So quick that I didn't compensate with my reducer.
some panels turned out ok, but it all had to come off.

so instead of respraying it outside I started the 2nd hunt for a paint booth and in the meantime I hit the engine bay with rhino liner


And cleaned up the front suspension





I got a little artistic and drew up how I wanted it to look

Then found a garage that I could rent from a friends parents, so sanded the crappy paint down to "flat"

And rolled it into a garage that had pretty crappy lighting, but a decent exhaust setup.

and 2 coats of sealer going on again

Then a fresh coat of base

after 3 coats, my metallic really stood up

And smoothed out? this was while it was flashing, so about 5 min after the last coat. It still needed to flow a bit, but I can see myself!


Then the paint altering decision? How to two tone it? Well whats a 60's hot rod without some lace!

and heres how I did it?
Step 1: spray a perfectly good paint job.

Step 2: Ruin it! Lay a piece of lace, or drawer liner (the rubbery perforated stuff) or something else with holes in it over the perfect paint like so

if it doesn't hold itself on, use a non-permanent adhesive.

Step 3: Spray 2nd color over the laced portion, I used black lace and black paint, white lace would have been better so I could see where I was going? but oh well. Take plenty of time, and go super light and let it flash for 1.5-2x as long in-between coats.

Step 4: remove lace.


Step 5: Clear? and keep clearing until you have gone to the paint shop like 3 times :-P
I put down 5 coats of clear to fill in where the lace was, so 3 coats of lace+5 coats of clear-wetsanding back to "flat" leaving maybe a coat of clear over the lace (luckily I didn't burn through) and then back for 4 more coats of clear so there is something to wetsand/buff.

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Well, shes getting some refreshed carbs installed tonight... and I had to "fix" my iPd header, so thats going back on. I'll get some pics up tonight and hopefully this weekend it'll run again!
here's the current workshop... it ain't pretty, or dry, or warm, but it's better than dirt or gravel!

Nevermind... Flickr not cooperating
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Received my MS box and assembled the stim. MS1 v3.0 should be finished end of next week. I'll be running this as a ignition only to get it to IPD :x: Also got my Innovate LC2!


During the giant span since my last update I was mostly working on the house since I was short on funds?. Aryn (my other half) got her tax refund and some extra school funds so we built in some book cases and decided to finish our unfinished den project.



I also rewired the spare dash that I have so that my electrical system will handle the MS install and all my extra bs that is in the planning stages? Fogs, stereo, alarm, etc..


Anywho, tomorrow is my 26th and I get the joy of moving my mother into her new house in LaGrande? Then on Sunday? More soldering!
Little stuff happening. MS1 box is at step 43 of assembly… had a 4 day delay with communication issues…. they should just say it first, check your firmware before proceeding to diagnose... by touching up all your solder joints and checking voltages and continuity like 5 freaking times! Anywho, back on track and playing catchup! I will hopefully have this thing put together by Monday, then time to install the wideband and solder up the harness. More updates to come! ;-)
So MS is assembled and bench tested for ignition. Set my rev limit up for 5k just to see if it works. Harness is assembled and in but not wired to any sensors or injectors. Just running my coil power and trigger to the dizzy and the grounds. Then it should fire on Saturday!
[/url] by cwdodson88, on Flickr[/IMG] MS box all done up!

[/url]Untitled by cwdodson88, on Flickr[/IMG] and in the dash...
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It's ALIVE!!!! After tinkering with the carbs last night I got it to fire... Had my dwell set way too high and it was all over the place, so tonight, more adjustments and hopefully a video!

Anyone using MSnSe single coil? My running dwell is around 2.2ms and cranking is around 5.1ms... Does that sound right?
So its been running well for a few days now, but I'm seeing a stumble with part throttle acceleration from a loaded cruise at about 2000, to 2200 rpm... I'm running carbs still and AFR's are in the high 14s to low 15s when this is happening. I can push through it and AFR's drop back into low 14s... I think somethings is up with my timing, looks like its in the mid 20's, and I've tried dropping it back a few degrees, and bumping it up a couple, but not more than 3 degrees either way, so down to 22 and up to 28, but it doesn't go away.
Also cleaned and painted my D-Jet fuel rail and injector holder caps
[/url]Untitled by cwdodson88, on Flickr[/IMG]
[/url] by cwdodson88, on Flickr[/IMG]

these all got 5 coats of ceramic hi-temp paint.

Then I moved on to the turn signal bezels, the plan is to make some plexiglass lenses that will sit flush with the bezel rather than poke through it and of course I'll smoke those black with bright amber LEDs to light them up.
[/url] by cwdodson88, on Flickr[/IMG]

Next is the tail light bezels and head light trim rings. I ordered a 2L aluminum surge tank and a rising rate FPR that should be here in a week or two, then I can get going on the fuel side of my MS... More to come!
Received on of my china bay packages.
[/url]Untitled by cwdodson88, on Flickr[/IMG]

The fitting quality looks great, hose quality is awesome, and the welds on the surge tank are better than I could do. So $115.00 for (10) AN-6 fittings, 20' of AN-6 hose, and a polished 2liter surge tank... I think it was money well spent.