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Svea - 1968 220 -

Not too much going on. Getting ready to get the fuel injection going. Got my surge tank from china and I'm whipping up some AN lines... I'll mount it in the spare tire hold, on a plate so it can be removed easily if I ever need to.
[/url]Untitled by cwdodson88, on Flickr[/IMG]
The plate is one if my test panels from painting the car, so its got all kinds of interesting paint on it...
So I got my D-Jet injector bosses mounted and D-Jet injectors on, D-Jet fuel Rail mounted, and started building the detachable harness for injectors and I think I will have the CLT and IAT sensors run to the same plug since I have 3 open spots on my plug. Then this weekend I might just have the time to run the lines, but I still need to figure out my return to the tank. Right now I have the original tank and there is a drain in bottom (seems kinda scary to have a line on the bottom of the tank) and there is the original pickup that I will use to feed my surge tank. I think I might have to run the return through the sender, but I don't know how recommended that is... Anyway, here's some pics



got some new goodies, new CLT, IAT sensors, and Dan hooked me up with a 36-1 trigger wheel on one of Dales Aluminum pulleys, and a ford hall sensor. Just need to find a plug for the Ford hall sensor, wire it up... I'm gonna mount the pulley and new timing cover this weekend to see how it all fits. Then I guess I'll be looking for some coils for wasted spark.

Anyone know the part number for the plug to fir a Ford Hall sensor?
Oh, and I forgot to post up a pic of the surge tank install, so

So now I just need to run a high pressure feed line, return to the surge, and return to the tank! Should all go together by the end of next week! And by then I might just be ready to switch to wasted spark!
too many irons in the fire!!! I still haven't ran lines, or soldered the molex plug on for my CLT and IAT sensors... But its been so damn hot with a 14" x3" hole in the floor I had to do something about it.




I remembered how much fun it is to fill trannys with a syringe... so my solution was to cut an old valve cover and weld it to the trans tunnel like so


Just needs some finishing and I'll seam seal all once it gets welded in.
thats a great solution! should have come that way to begin with

THANKS! I like how it turned out, and it kinda goes with the style that I'm shooting for with the car which is very eclectic (60's hot rod, a little rat rod, a little steam punk, and a whole bunch of sillyness..

There was a hole in the original trans tunnel, but it was 4 inches back and high enough that you had to set your funnel tube in the hole and go back underneath to put it into the filler... weird, but it worked. Since I'm went to the 140 short throw shifter, I ended up cutting through the hole that was there, and just decided to make one in a better location. Now I have to take apart the cap and seal it, or find a billet cap that will completely seal it all up.
So I haven't really had a good update, but I've been tidying some things up. I got my early-ish style grills out and started cleaning and painting them since they were trashed



Installed my headlight trim rings and Tail light trims





And ordered two of these

So the seats will go in next week since I will be showing the car at the local car show next Saturday and cruisin it on Friday night.
Dunno if you sorted out your fuel return to the tank, the least invasive and possibly best option I have seen is cut the fuel filler hose and use a metal t that you place in the filler tube.. like a 2in metal tube with a 5/8 tube perpendicular. I know I explained that horribly I hope you underatand my jibber jabber. Also I dig the paint my dads first car, 68 vette was baby blue with a lace stripe circa 1975
thought about the tube into the filler neck, but I'm not sure how many more lines I want to have running out of the spare tire well, I do have a 3/8 NPT tap and a piece of 2' thick wall tubing. Hmmm.
So did some work on the grills bought some 1/4" square wire screen. Painted the grill surround and cross bar black. I think I might paint the mesh black too, but I'm looking for opinions.





I think they turned out good, I just need to get the cross bar installed.
Hi Chris,

I love the way you did your paint scheme... It's very different as no one does stuff like that anymore (the lace idea), and I really enjoy that bronze color. Maybe once my 142 is finished, I could head out your way and check it out?

Look forward to seeing more progress being made. :cheers:
Hi Chris,

I love the way you did your paint scheme... It's very different as no one does stuff like that anymore (the lace idea), and I really enjoy that bronze color. Maybe once my 142 is finished, I could head out your way and check it out?

Look forward to seeing more progress being made. :cheers:

ABSOLUTELY!!! If you make it up here, I'll buy you a beer, if I bring it down you'll have to show me where the good brews are!

I'm getting it ready for the Neon Nights Cruise and Car show this weekend, So much progress will be made this week. Mock up door panels are going in for the week (just sheet metal screwed in) and when I get some time I'll coat them in fiberglass with correct fasteners and put some speakers in the bottom, Kirkeys for the front seats are going in *hopefully* tomorrow after work, and I gotta cover the rear floor with something other than primer, so truck bed liner will go on tomorrow or wednesday. Then the under side of the hood needs some attention, and I'll clean up the wiring/hose routing. The cruise on Friday night starts at 6 and goes until the bars close (The Dalles usually rolls the sidewalks up at 6, but once a year, you can be as loud as you want till 11) Car show starts at 9-goes til 2~3…
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