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The General Leif, 142 endurance racer

I assume you are running Racecapture. How do you like the Racecapture dashboard instead of an analog tach? Any reason you went with a Pi instead of a Android tablet like the Fire 8?

Are you integrated with your ECU?

I just put a Racecapture track in my car with a FireHD 8 and connected it to my Microsquirt.
Correct, and fun!

We are not integrated with the ECU at all, so we are using the CoilX to make the RaceCapture Pro MK3 box get a signal. It's a very noisy signal. You can see it having an approximately 200rpm swing or so. I liked the analog gauge we were using previously, but with all the other information, this is just fine and the ability to change the gauge colors and have the pop up warning to shift is fun. One day, it would be nice to have it pulling RPM from the ECU so it's a cleaner number. I don't think we'll do that with LH2.4, though. Maybe one day when it has a more modern, aftermarket ECU in it that would integrate easier.

Regarding the Raspberry Pi 3 dash, we did initially have a Fire8 tablet in the car for the main display. I'm not 100% certain why we changed it, but it did have the Amazon ads and was a little more of a headache than this is. You turn the Pi on and it "immediately"(about 1 minute) goes straight to the RC program and we're in business. No need to touch anything. It's connected via USB so it's likely more stable than the Bluetooth connection we were using to connect to the Fire8. The Fire8 was also just really slow. Brent of Autosport Labs seems to really like them and say they have plenty of performance, but it didn't seem to be that great for us. I think that was in 2019 that we were regularly using it. Last year we did have the Pi display separate from its mounts so we had to replace that and added some tape to the new one to help give it a little more support. On that weekend we slapped the Fire8 back in the car so we could still have a full sized display instead of just switching the screen over on the phone to a gauge layout. It also helped that Marc's son loves computers and was playing around with Pi computers for fun already.

Here's a clip from last year's October PIR race when we had the display fail the day before and we taped the Fire8 into the car for Sunday, hah.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/OGLf4Ncex3k" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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You really should consider a newer ECU. I really like the Microsquirt for troubleshooting. I have a Pi in the car that logs via Tunerstudio. It's really helpful for me when something isn't working.

We added the Racecapture for our last race and I like it for remote diagnosis. Most of my drivers don't pay attention to gauges. The last race we were having fueling problems on Saturday, so Sunday when I sent a driver out it was nice to be able to watch the AFRs under boost to make sure we had enough fuel. Integration with the Microsquirt was super simple and the broadcasting to Podium just worked from our Fire.

I think I will just use the Fire for predictive lap timing and a couple of idiot lights. The interface does seem slow on it.

Maybe our paths will cross one day. I mostly run 24HoL from a Socal base. Sonoma, Buttonwillow, Thunderhill. I have done a couple of 24s with Lucky Dog at Buttonwillow.
Yes, the telemetry through Podium is awesome! One day we will upgrade, it will happen. So far this has been reliable, consistent and doing the job without missing too much. I know something more modern will be better at everything, though. It just hasn't been a priority. right now, we need a new/fresh engine before spending money on that. Real, heim jointed suspension in the front and back would be great to have. Then there's just the maintenance and upkeep and fixing of other things. It's only money! Hah.

I love running with LD! Cathy is great. What team do you drive with and do you have a page here or on FB for me to follow?
Haha, better than nothing! I don't have Instagram but I'll subscribe to the page. :)
The next Lucky Dog Racing League race weekend starts tomorrow at Portland International Raceway with Pro Drive Racing!

Follow along at our Facebook page for updates through the weekend, as well as on Podium for our live telemetry and Race Monitor or Race Hero for live timing!

Friday test day: https://podium.live/events/ldrl-by-hankook-howl-o-ween-test-fri-2021
Saturday: https://podium.live/events/ldrl-by-hankook-howl-o-ween-sat-1
Sunday: https://podium.live/events/ldrl-by-hankook-howl-o-ween-sun-1

Live timing: https://www.racelucky.com/live-timing/

If you're local, you can even come on out and play as it's free to get in!

Wish us luck!!
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Can you share some more details on your Wilwood brake upgrade. I priced out the difference between ST-43 pads on Girlings vs Wilwood Forged Dynalite and it was $260 vs $85.

Which calipers did you go with and what size rotor? Did you make a mounting adapter yourself? What size are your wheels?
How did it go last weekend?
Sorry for the delay! I want to make a real post but always find myself distracted and doing other BS. Sometimes it's productive and other times it's not so much. Now I should be sleeping but I am doing it!


FRIDAY's practice session taught us that we overlooked the very basic checking of wigging front wheels around in the air during our race preparations. I went out on an EXTREMELY slick PIR (damp, hadn't been used for a while, "goose poop" on it, maybe?) and looped the car in the chicane on my out lap. I don't loop this car often, it's very forgiving! I was just going to try and bed in the new brake pads a bit and knew that it would be drying out later in the day, so we left the rear swaybar hooked up. Bad idea! I limped it around a few laps but didn't feel like I was getting anywhere and the front just felt really disconnected and sketchy considering the lack of grip.

After that session, we disconnected the rear swaybar and also found that one of the tie rods had a severe amount of play in it. So, Marc drove home to get our spare rod ends only to find out that IPD had supplied us with two lefts for the center link instead of one of each as purchased. I did the second session of the day with the bad tie rod still in the car but it was better with the rear bar disconnected at least. Then I raced over to IPD to get two rights so we could have spares of each and we put that in. Much better!

The rest of practice went well and one of our drivers(Jeff, a non-Volvo guy) who hadn't driven the car since 2016 got some seat time in our much changed car.

SATURDAY morning we had qualifying that Jeff and Marc get some seat time in, but Tony who was also supposed to do a few laps got called back down to Albany for work at 5am or so. Marc had a large lock-up during that session and I think it made that tire lock up that much easier throughout the day.... Tony was supposed to start the race so he drove to Albany, did the work and drove right back up. He arrived at the track maybe 15 minutes before the race was to start? We let him start the race even though in hind sight, we should've let him relax and catch his breath a bit before throwing him straight in the race car for a busy start of a race.

Anyway, the 7hr race's start went ok, our pace was ok, not fast, but not slow, and all seemed well. Until the entire field got called in for driving unsafe around safety and not paying attention to yellow flags. Then when the race restarted, Tony slid off track exiting Turn 12 and put the car into the tire barrier they recently installed protruding out between the drag strip and the exit of 12 (apparently the fast Miata line was through the dirt there). Cold(er) tires, tired driver and lack of attention at the moment maybe? Tony limped it to the pits for us to do some "straightening". Luckily we were within our pit window for his session and we swapped drivers then to only lose 4-5 minutes or so. Before that happened we had been 5th in class of 10(?) and 12th overall of 55 cars.

Jeff went in and made note of the front wheels locking up too easily, but otherwise things seemed to be good and normal. He was doing decently until getting black flagged for passing under yellow. He wasn't the only one as AGAIN the whole field was black flagged for unsafe driving! WHAT THE HECK?! He's a great driver and usually very attentive, so that was a bummer. Lucky Dog FORCED a driver change with that black flag all, and I hopped in the car next. They did NOT allow fueling or any other work on the car, and Jeff had already driven the car an hour and twenty minutes or so. Normally we're required to stop for fuel and a driver change at least once every 2hrs. This opened up the possibility of trying to stretch the fuel over 3 hours! Being that we have a 22G cell in the car and normally use smoewhere around 7g/hr, we thought maybe if I drove it conservatively, we might be able to make it all the way to the last driver stint of the day (maximum 2hr stint). Before the forced driver swap, we had worked from 8th to 6th in class and 29th to 21st overall.

Well, I drove it around, typically short shifting, but also trying to dice it up with faster traffic and seeing faster and faster lap times being possible on the lap timer. My half hearted attempt at conserving fuel was not good enough in the end and I felt the car stumble when accelerating out of 6 towards 7. Once this car stumbles, you're screwed! Somehow I managed to limp the car back to the pits and was able to accelerate from the stop at Pit in enough to coast the car the rest of the way to our pit stall! That was about 15 minutes too early for Marc to hop in and finish the day (2:45 with a 5pm race finish). We had worked from 6th to 4th or 5th in class and 21st to 10th overall in that time period. I set our new best time for PIR at 1:32.506 which put us about a second off of the fastest B class cars, but really right in the hunt. The car definitely had a 1:31 in it with the right conditions/traffic!

Marc got in the car next and Tony was informed that he would need to climb into the car to finish off the last 15 minutes of the race. Well, Marc went out there for about 15 minutes, got down to a 1:33.229 and there was a full course yellow! If we were going to have our best chance at winning, an advantage in the pits will help! We had stayed 6th in class and went from 12th to 11th overall during that time period.

We gathered Tony up and had him get ready to jump in the car. We were just doing a driver swap, so it would be really quick. He wasn't expecting to jump in the car right away, so we probably lost a lap with our timing of getting held behind the pace truck as opposed to making it back out on track just in front of it. In any case, Tony went out and did pretty great but was confused as to why he still had over an hour of driving to do when he had definitely already done more than 15 minutes of driving. :rofl: He was tired, and understandably so!! Sadly, he he ALSO passed a car under yellow flag. After serving that penalty, he finished off the race strong. Fastest lap for him was a 1:32.708 and we finished the day 4th in class and 8th overall! We were just over 3 laps down from 3rd place in class and 4 laps down from 2nd in class. If we had run a clean race, we likely would've had 2nd in class! Oh well.

It's good the race didn't go on much longer though, as we were well into the chords on the right front tire where the flat spot was after multiple lock-ups throughout the day! We tidied up some things that evening, swapped out the front wheels for some spares we had that sat out about half an inch further and adjusted the toe settings. It seemed to be toe'd out about half an inch which was surprising considering how well it drove.

Sunday was an 8hr race so we were going to have to stick with close to 2hr stints all day as an optimal strategy.

I'll have to finish this story later as I definitely need to go to bed! Sorry. :):lol:

Spoiler: we ended up 4th in class again but 6th overall with two black flags for passing under yellow again (WTH, dudes?!?!) and the car understeered like a pig but Marc still managed a new best for the car of 1:32.466. Another 2nd or 3rd in class eluded us because of driver error.

This car is awesome.. You guys are doing amazingly well for the limited amount of power that you have..

Thanks Sam!
Can you share some more details on your Wilwood brake upgrade. I priced out the difference between ST-43 pads on Girlings vs Wilwood Forged Dynalite and it was $260 vs $85.

Which calipers did you go with and what size rotor? Did you make a mounting adapter yourself? What size are your wheels?
We used a kit from Sam Moore that he developed for his sprint racing 142. I think getting something from the STS Machining twins and Robert would be better, but we're hopefully going to have things worked out soon.

The calipers are the Forged Dynalight 1.75"(piston)/1.25"(rotor width) 120-6814 calipers but the piston size is likely too large. I think the rotors are 11.75" tall? We're running some 15x7 ARE wheels, ran some 15x8" steel wheels and are currently running some 15x8" Revolution wheels with 5" of backspacing and a minimum of 1/4" spacers. Up front there are actually 1" spacers if I remember correctly to make the rotor hats work in our application. It's not as ideal of a setup as the twins and Robert made, though.

We're currently running into front lock-up issues, even though Sam says on his setup he has major rear lock-up issues. The Wilwood calipers probably should have smaller diameter pistons in them. We pulled the factory rear proportioning valves out and had an adjustable bias valve inside the car, but at the last two races we had it at the maximum rear brake setting and were left wanting for more. We even destroyed some tires at this last race, although luckily they both held together to finish off the days.

We started with ST45 pads up front and ST43s in the rear girling calipers(D44 pad size which can be bought off the shelf in this compound for $90 or so, along with the proper pads for the Wilwoods :cool:).


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Thank you for the caliper information. I am trying to figure out if I can come up with a solution that lowers my price for pads, fits with my current 16" wheels, and provides as good or better braking in the front.

This helps.

Great race recap.
Thunderhill LDRL Championship, November 2021

Saving spot for a post I hope to make one day.

Long story short, we were doing ok but had a valve spring fail on the second day. We thought it was an ignition failure or something and tried to drive it around the 5 mile track. It made it about 4 miles before it dropped the valve and broke the timing belt. We were in 33rd overall of 96 cars and about 10hrs into the 14hrs or so of racing. We "finished" 77th overall and 35th in C class (42 cars).
Ridge LDRL race April 2022

Saving for later...

Finished 24th/74 overall and 5th/31 in C class after getting driven into on track in Saturday's 7hr race. We would've finished third if the team that drove into us would've been grown up enough to admit their wrong doing, but no dice. :roll:

Finished 62nd/68 overall and 32nd/34th in C class after I can't remember off the top of my head in Sunday's 8hr race.
Pacific Raceways LDRL June 2022

Saving for later...

Finished 7th/44 overall and 3rd/24 cars in C class on Saturday's 9hr race with a fully Turbobrick powered team of Marc, Tony(reeferman) and I driving for this weekend. We would've done better if not for a tuning issue that I wasn't expecting after changing intake manifolds before the race. I hadn't messed with injector constants for a while and ended up leaning the car out with the injector constant 1 while also adding fuel to the main fuel map in the mid-range, effectively working against myself. We took an early pit stop to check things over and adjust the tune if I remember correctly, or maybe it was just an extra stop. Without that, and with actually getting to start the race near the front of the field, we would've been fighting for a win in C class most likely. I had my son Louis with me at the track and we went to the bathroom as the car was pulling to grid. I didn't make it back into the car before the 1 minute left call and had to wait for all the cars to pull on track before I could suit up and get going! Doh!

Finished 12th/28 overall (it was on/off wet this weekend and this track is notorious for damaging/destroying cars in these conditions) and 5th/16 in C class on Sunday's 6hr race. For this race, we started off poorly because my leaning out of the injector constant 1 on Saturday caused the car not to start when we tried to pull to grid! They didn't let us warm up the engines before the race so we had no idea. I didn't know at this point that I had been messing up the tuning, but after the race everything made perfect sense. :grrr: :roll: :pow: We were set to start second in our class and ended up starting last in class.

Tony drove and we had great tires with a lot of grip compared to most of the field for the first few laps. He worked his way up to 2nd in class before passing the wheel of to Marc. We lost a lap to the leader in the first round of pit stops as we came in one lap too early with the way a full course yellow worked out. Marc hunted down the leading 1st gen RX7 (Gray Cloud, #66 that we've been racing since 2011 or so??) and passed him during the latter part of his stint. They had their weakest driver in the car and were lapping a few seconds slower than us for the most part. Their other drivers for the day were doing similar times to us.

Marc handed the car off to me and I maintained the lead until we had a brake fluid leak at a custom hard line coming out of the master cylinder caused me to lose brakes and overshoot the corner where we had the car get stuck at WOT and go flying off the track last year...! Luckily I didn't blow through the run off and go right into the passing traffic! I wasn't sure what happened and we were low on front pads, so I took it easy for another lap or two before it happened again. I pulled in and the guys tried to patch it somehow then sent me back out suggesting to use less brake pressure. I did that for a while, started setting fast laps and eventually it happened again. I then got black flagged for going off track 3 times and had to wait in the pits for a bit before we could look into fixing the car again. Tony and Marc had come up with a soft line to replace this section and got me back on track to finish the race. Bummer! We had 1st in the bag, yet again! Hah. We think the hard line failed because we just had some down bars added from the firewall to the front of the frame rails and the brake line was manipulated at that time. More on all that later...

Tony, Marc and I had fastest laps within .3s of each other over the weekend!
Dyno day!!!

We had the 1993 bottom end that we had been running for years until the valve spring failure rebuilt with B230E, 2nd oversize pistons.

We just strapped it on the dyno this morning after driving it to the AR Motorsports race shop (with a distributor cap failure along the way because it wasn't clipped on all the way, oops!). We had a great session, fighting that lean mid-range all the way but I at least had by then figured out how to manipulate the injector constants to my liking.


This is with a wearing lobes, custom reground K cam (12.5mm lift, 259 degrees at .050? lift and 108LSA), 12.4:1 compression, B230E 96.6mm pistons, 43cc chamber 531 head (2.7mm off or so), stock size valves, opened chambers and some (mild?) port work by Robert, pistons set to .010? above deck, .045? Cometic MLS gasket, stock exhaust manifold with very mild port work, 1 7/8? custom downpipe with 450mm long runners before the 2-1 merge into a 2.5? pipe exhaust, stock ignition system with NGK BPR7ES plugs, Lh2.4 custom tuned, red body 1998 GLT injectors (same flow as 850T orange tops but 4 holes), B21F intake manifold with injector bungs added, a 90 degree elbow to a 960 throttle body with an 850na throttle plate and 960 MAF sensor.

We did not touch the ignition tuning this time and are still running around 29 or so degrees max advance like we were with the old setup in 2019 which was an Enem K13 camshaft (12.5mm, 106 LSA and I think 280 advertised duration which must be at some random lift), a 405 head prepped similarly to this 531 but with likely around 11:1 compression or possibly less. We're running 92 octane pump gas with nothing added to it. I have more fine tuning of the air/fuel ratio to do, and we could maybe try advancing the cam gear a full tooth because the final pulls were with the cam gear at it's 5 degrees advanced maximum. The other pull shown for the current setup is with the cam at 3 degrees advanced. You can see it has a little more pull up top, but we would prefer that good torque a little more as we're doing endurance racing! With some ignition and other fine tuning, we might be able to get back to the peak torque we had with the K13 as shown in the comparison chart. Some of the difference between the two new pulls are from it being leaned out in the lower-mid-range areas.

Anyway, not too shabby! We have an AGAP R33-264-14 with 105 LSA going in later this week that didn?t make it in time to be installed before the dyno day. Bummer! We?ll have to make another visit to the dyno some day. Hopefully we don't lose too much more of that lower end torque. If we do, we'll just have to get some ITBs and put on a more modern engine management. Maybe. That might be too much power for what we're looking for at the moment. HAH!

On another note, we also had the car aligned and the rear axle "straightened"! We have -.6 degrees of camber in the left rear and -.4 degrees on the right rear. SWEET! Can't wait to drive it on the track and see how it does!

Ok, bedtime was two hours ago but I felt that I had postponed this too long. Thanks for reading!


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