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Threads for Oil Cooler + Trans Cooler?


Nov 18, 2007
Irvine, CA
Anyone know the threads for the oil cooler and trans cooler off a 1990 Volvo 760 Turbo?

Want to purchase some SS lines from Summit Racing....

Here are some sample pics of the coolers I'm curious about.

Oil Cooler


Transmission Cooler
The two holes in the sandwich plate are common metric thread, M16x1.5 perhaps. I'm not certain. mrbill's project thread probably contains that info since he ran his own lines off the stock sandwich plate out to an aftermarket oil cooler.

The oil cooler side is not so common.

What size hose are you ordering for the barbed fittings harvested from the stock oil cooler lines?
I lop of the cooler's BSSP threads and weld on a -10 AN plug (which I drill out---take 1 minute to drill the ID and is 6-8 buck cheaper than weld bungs)
At the sandwhich plate end male whatever in to male -10 out and then use ordinary -10 fittings..

On the trans cooler which i have used 10-12 as power steering coolers, I lop off the whacky German DIN whatever and tap the cooler boss for 1/4 NPT in to -6 AN..

Easier in the long run to shift to common everyday AN stuff and be done with it.