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Time for a new turbo

Sir Psycho

holstrich 2.0
Sep 27, 2008
Austin TX
Well the HE351 with external gates has been fun but really only at freeway speeds. Want something that will smoke the tires a little bit faster off the line (spool earlier). I've been reading compressor maps all morning but want a second opinion.

I'm shooting for 300 hp at 20 psi with a mildly ported 531 head. So on a map that equates to a 2.36 pressure ratio and 300 cfm I believe.

Needs to be a T3 and under $350 in good used condition as well. Me thinks a 19t is a little small and an HE351 too big.


duna-nuna-nuna-nuna-nuna-nuna-nuna-nuna chinabay

if you can find a used/working one it's a good tester for sizing(and at a very low cost). should spool pretty well with a header and dna took one over 300hp
I've been wondering the same thing. Been looking at ebay turbos, but still not sure what size would be best. Something that spooled around 2-2.5k in second gear would be great.
My HE351 has a 9cm^2 housing but it does look good. Not sure if I'm that good at viewing compressor maps to compare it to the Holset.
Pretty sure that it would spool very nicely, especially with that tube header. I have read reports on these doing very well in uncorked motors with 90+ manifolds.
Quickness of spool. More streetable power. Feels like a dyno queen now.

Nice statement. Its not about the total power, its nice quick streetable power. Make a good setup on gas, then supercharge it with some E85 for a little bit more over the top.

Ive been using a he341 and it spools prety quick. Full boost befor 3 grand .

Whats full boost? 8psi wg pressure or 30psi full tilt boogy?

Kenny made a statement thats so true, the AR of the housing, becuase its bigger doesnt necesarily mean slower spool.
Quickness of spool. More streetable power. Feels like a dyno queen now.

300hp, fast spool, here are some great candidates/things to look for:

t3 super 60, t04e-40, 'big' 16g, maybe even so far as a t04e-50, but that's going to be pushing it a little I think. bullseye has some great spooling turbos in the same size range, but you may be spending more money.