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Trailing arm polybush fitting


Active member
Jan 30, 2008
After what I think is actually years of them sitting on a shelf, I finally got round to fitting a set of polybushes to the front of my lower trailing arms (1991 240).
Only to find they don't fit because of this spacer piece, which seems to be intended to guide the central sleeve into place when fitting the standard rubber bushes. The rubber ones obviously don't interfere with it, but of course the polybushes need to fill the entire width so that they can bear on the sides to prevent the whole thing waggling about.

I've never seen anyone mention it before. Is this normal? A later model change? Can I remove it easily? What's going on?

20230527_131744 - Copy by crogthomas, on Flickr
Thanks, it looks like it might just be spot welded in a couple of places, so I'll prepare the angle grinder and big hammer.
I was able to force my poly bushes past those locater tabs. Really though that is probably the main spot where poly is redundant. The rubber bush for that location is quite hard and even though it is hard it is the main bushing to isolate the rear suspension. So you can keep the noise lower by staying with rubber.
Noise is no problem since this is a track car. I have to wear ear plugs anyway.

Poised with the angle grinder in hand, I thought I should just check everything would line up before cutting into the chassis. That's when I found that the central sleeve for the polybush is shorter than the one I burnt out of the standard rubber bush.

20230603_182804 by crogthomas, on Flickr

Left, rubber bush centre - 76mm
Right polybush sleeve- 71mm

Now I'm even more confused.
Are 240's different in this area for certain years? I can't find any discussion about it on the forum.
Problem solved. I ordered a new set of polybushes and they match the width of the original rubber bush centre at 76mm. The others, which were given to me and had already been used, must have been messed with. Out with the angle grinder again.

I've been told that the V shaped plate was added from the early 80's onwards.