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Turborgs' B23ft and T-5z install is done! Pics!


Active member
Jun 22, 2003
Northern Ca
My project is finally finished! the motor runs great and the trans is unbelievable!

Special thanks to pgrey. I bought a transmission in pieces that was every thing he said it was-and he even sent me the factory shifter after the fact for no charge. He bought a bigger tranny for his Ford powered Volvo. Thanks again, Peter!

Also thanks to all the turbobricksters for your advice. I did all the work my self except for the machine work and putting the hood back on. So the advice came in real handy. Thanks to Stealth FTi for your words of wisdom on the engine breakin-it is working great!

Enough of my self indulgent giddiness-check the pics and tell me what you think. The pics have captions under them if you want to know more.

WOW that's a clean install. I love the stock look you gave the shifter. It's little details like those that make certain cars stand out from the pack.

Nice job

Its about time Dave ;)

Turborg, have you driven the car yet? Did you have any engagement issues with the clutch? Are you using a JP supplied clutch disc AND pressure plate?

Im trying to narrow down a couple occurances of issues, you may make or break it for us ;)
clutch problems

My car is doing the same thing. I thought the clutch was hanging up. I did try the clutch before I installed in in the car and it disengaged just fine with a c clamp. I'm trying to figure a way to get more travel out of the cable. John ask me "how it was going". I wonder if its not happening to everyone.