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URL unfurl -- how?


mostly lurking
Dec 31, 2018
SF Bay Area
In the past, all we had available were plain text links:

But now, we've started seeing really cool URL links that include a small preview:
Looking at the BB Code, the key phrase is "unfurl = true". With minor digging, I found the following announcement from xenforo, where they claim the feature is on by default:
When a URL is inserted into content and that URL exists on its own line within the content, we will "unfurl" it to a richer preview which includes the page title, metadata logo, description and favicon. Such rich previews add more context for users as to what the link contains. URL unfurling can be used anywhere that accepts BB code currently.
But even when I follow their guidelines of having it on its own line within the content, my machine doesn't do it. Nor can I simply add the "unfurl" command manually in the BB Code -- it apparently must pull that info into the database during the moment of creating the link in the first place. How are some users able to accomplish this? The editing control panel that I see does not show anything other than an "insert link" icon, and does not give me the choice of unfurling or not. (I'm using a desktop machine with a modern browser... as opposed to a small handheld device...)

Maybe my stupid question will be a welcome relief from the spam bot attacks. :cool:
It took me a while to figure it out because it's so simple. Paste the link address on it's own line. Don't use the 'Insert link' button/text box. Click the 'Preview' button to see if the link unfurled before hitting the 'Post reply' button.
Ah, silly me. Insert a link by not using the Insert Link button. :roll: