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740 USB Car Charger


New member
Feb 19, 2006
Brookfield, CT
Definitely not maintenance, most-assuredly nonperformance.

While begrudgingly pouring over the aisles of miles of crap-o-la at Home Depot, this little beut called out to me:


IIRC it was priced around 12 bux.

Though recessed a little, it's like this adapter was made for my car ('87 745). The only drawbacks that I've found are:

a) The blue LED is distractingly bright at night.
Solution: Turn unit so LED is below the USB cord, which blocks the LED from drivers' view.

b) The way the cigarette lighter is recessed so in the 740 and 940, you can't simply grab this unit to remove it.
Solution: Either remove small square plastic trim surround piece from in front of 'lighter, or, my preferred method is to gently twist the USB cord end while gently pulling on the USB cord end. The gentle twisting motion tends to keep the USB cord "locked" in place while pulling the unit from the lighter socket.

Pretty cool.
I had one of those, picked it up from a Wawa gas station. Mine didn't have an LED though, it had two usb ports so me and the lady didn't have to fight over who's phone to charge on long trips. But it fits nicely in the 240 as well. My other was was an amp brand (like the energy drink) but the damn thing would always light up my car like a interior light. Mine broke after about two days though, and I went back to using the crap tastic port on the headunit.
Bought it to use as a phone charger for our I-phones as the one from Verizon crapped out after 8 months.

The dual port jobbie sounds interesting, but as Wifey and I have the same phones, we get by with just the one cord.

What other than charging phones and daughters' I-pad would we use this for? The 2.0 amp version sounds kinda cool too, but again I can't imagine what we'd need it for? Is it just a faster charge?

I'm a tech dummy...
I purchased a 3x cig.lighter and 1x usb port extender from the auction site for about $3. Works great and has a red led so it doesn't blind me. Only problem is that it doesn't fit in console so I have it loose in the upper storage area. That and my car cam sends an annoying whine to the FM transmitter...
Even if you don't have to charge two phones, having two USB ports allows you to charge one phone and run a GPS, for example. There are some things that need the higher current (iPads and other tablets mostly), but for most phones it's not a big issue.

Also, if the LED is too bright, try painting over it with an appropriate color of fingernail polish. Don't tell your wife you stole it, though. :)
I'd reco. the Griffin GC23089. Has dual usb. 12.99 on eBay. Unless you already pruchased a charger then. Has a red led (at least mine does).