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Using Propane in Volvo AC

So I'm guessing you joined just to pimp your AC business? :grrr:

One more point, your initial write-up seems to say that you added propane on top of R12. That's illegal everywhere in the USA. But so is converting directly from R12 to hydrocarbons. You're unlikely to be caught, but just remember that the penalty is quite severe ($25K/5 years). And this is a public forum. Don't say here what you wouldn't want your mother or the prosecuting attorney to read.
Ouch... Burn... FReeZZzzzz.....

Ever notice such a thing as a fine line between good advice and awkward moments?

It's kind of like telling your friend to use a condom with your sister.... Good advice. You still look like a donkey either way.

Your Mother? :roll:

Like Brut' Champagne, dry humor is best left to those with a taste for it.

And when the Occasion calls for such a splendor.
fantastic write up Dave.. this thread is giving me hope that I can make my old 90 245 wagon cool off some.. gotta check a few things but I am going to join this propane band wagon shortly..

thats interesting dave, When you noted the states that have a ban on HC's. California is not included, i was under the assumption that everything other than water in california is known to be cancer causing and have birth defects. :-P


We had a big one on one of the condenser lines. The metal bracket that holds the condenser had rubbed through the aluminum tube.

Please be careful.
(Sent out in goodwill for everyone for happy wrenching)
Just replaced the old Diesel-kiki compressor for a new Sanden type 709 from Nostalgicairparts.com. Cleaned and flushed the system and replaced the O-rings and the accumulator/drier.

Re-filled with 15oz of Duracool and am getting 35? at the vents on 90? days.

Missed having AC. 780s suck without it.
Re-filled with 15oz of Duracool and am getting 35? at the vents on 90? days.

Good job. I went to Duracool a couple months ago and I like how it works. For my car it seems to do better than propane when the car is stopped/idling.
I'm getting similar cold vents as you are.
Dave B
Very interesting and informative. I think I'm going to give the Duracool a try in my '91 740 which is on Freeze 12 (80% R-134a and 20% HCFC-142b) and ,if successful on the 740,on my '93 Miata which is a R-12 system converted to R-134a. If that works I may try it in my '95 Miata which is a factory R-134 system. And as a side note, Autozone loans A/C vacuum pumps with a refundable security deposit.