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Vancity Volvos

Not far. We got a new apartment a few blocks away.

I'm looking forward to slashing a digit off of the heating bill, but there is no room for the bones of a half-dozen old Volvos, so everything must go!

I've still got a bunch more to drag out of the crawlspace, and there are plenty of good treasures already.

Saturday Saturday Saturday!

Don't miss the RWD garage sale of the decade!

Plenty of parking and plenty of neat stuff to gawk at!

I sent you a PM
Anyone know anything about Key Imports

They are selling a real nice 65 Elan, but I see they specialize in Volvo which their cover shows a 240 instrument panel.

Curious, as I only seem to make Vancouver every couple years, likely will plan a stop.
Hey Vancity folks, does anyone have 86+ 244 taillights? I need driverside but willing to buy both passenger and driver if necessary. Can drive anywhere in GVA.