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When I get back to school on my desktop I have some downloading to do. I will look through my video's to see if there is any that should be uploaded. Good work
Ahhh so that's why the link never worked. I thought that was weird.

By the way I found the SWEETEST FUNNIEST volvo vid on my computer yesterday, didn't even know I had it. Must have been one of those where I downloaded it but didn't watch it right away. It's called "goodcop (kopps movie).wmv", it's awesome. Uploading now :lol: .

I'm hoping this is the right spot to post a video :)

I completely forgot I had this! Ok this video is like a little less than 2 minutes, its a small tire chirping an a 55mph pass(yes I really went 55 in my neighborhood when i went by the camera). It's also got me being a moron on a cart.


thats from back in the summer... got new headlights since then... those are soooo yellow! Oh and yes I know the 3 bar lights are REALLY FREAKING GAY! The owner prior to me had a son that used the car and installed that and a hacked up amp wiring kit.... So sad. I'll remove them one day. Anyways hopefully the download severs will work. I'm shutting up now...
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The Aspirator said:
Do you have it in a non-MOV format? Like an Mpg would be nice. Me and quicktime don't get along...
Yes. Somewheres... *looks around* *shuffle shuffle shuffle*
I'll have it up ASAP.
Oh man I've been dying to see that video of the 240 with itbs. Can someone please upload the video with sound soon. I've been thinking about making itbs instead of +t
The IP is B7 (B7 == B& == banned) until further notice. One download is fine, two is fine, three is fine.
30, 40, even 50 simultaneous downloads isn't nice. Just use courtesy please?
I don't mean to be a jerk, but you literally brought the server to its knees... I can't really afford any more bandwidth than I'm already paying for now.
PM me if you still want to grab the videos and I'll unban you.

The carbed 240 with ITB's is up.
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You are welcome to mirror on my site... I have no worries about bandwidth or storage space.

Let me know if you are interested.

I'm working on setting up a BitTorrent tracker tonight, anybody who wants to seed is welcome, I'll have my video server seed the most popular ones, and slowly start seeding everything.
Anybody got anything they want to seed, just let me know. = Banned, for tons and tons of simultaneous connections. :nono:

Is it that hard to just download once? You're not going to get the file any faster with multiple downloads. In fact, you'll get it slower. In fact, if I catch you, you won't get it at all. :grr:
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Adrianpike, i think i destroyed something :eek:

"Warning: file(videos/ronny_and_ragge.avi.txt): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/httpd/vhosts/leeted.net/subdomains/volvo/httpdocs/videos.php on line 56"