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Volvo 240 Armrest

i haven't put a new cover yet, its on the way.
Other than that solid legs and very firm great foam.
Looks to me like you forgot to grab a couple spacer washers at the junkyard, or at least tweak the legs so they don't mash the E-brake console?
I bought it of ebay and never seen them before. So i found hard way what it is and provided guide if someone going to do it first time and/or need specs for hardware.
+1. :lol: Also do we really need a guide on installing an armrest? I know you had a little trouble but its rather straight forward.

its there. its free. it includes specs for bolts/screws. how is that a bother to anyone? I had trouble with such 'easy' procedure and provided advice for first timers. cost me a new $100 center console.