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Volvo 240 weird no start issue

You gotta do diag. Confirm if it's a no spark or no fuel.

See if it runs on starting fluid sprayed into the throttle.
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The next time it won't restart pull the high tension wire from the distributor cap and place the end about 1/2" away from one of the strut mount bolts. Weigh it down with something so it won't move. Crank the starter to check for spark. That will tell you whether you are chasing and intermittent spark problem or a fuel quantity problem.
1992 Volvo 244 that starts weird sometimes. If I shut off the car after driving it and getting it up to temperature and then try to start it immediately afterwards (within 1 minute) it will occasionally not start. When this happens, I have to wait at least 20 minutes before it will start again. This is really odd to me because it seems like it’s flooding like a carbureted car but this is fuel injected. It also idles rough but so long as it idles I don’t need to fix immediately. Lastly the check engine light is on and I think it’s for the egr valve but I don’t imagine that effects it.
Check the codes in port 2 and 6 and report back what you find.