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Volvo Panamericana 2011


May 18, 2003
Santiago de Chile
A group of Dutch Classic Volvo car owners already departed from Antwerpen to South America for the Volvo Panamericana adventure for Dec 2011 - Jan 2012. There are 95 Volvos from Europe plus 20 from Argentina and 20 from Chile. The trip include teams from The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Argentina and Chile. This epic 15,500 kms. car journey starts in Buenos Aires Argentina, then Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and finishes in Colombia.

I will be accompanying the rally within Chile so I will be updating this post.

Some pictures at Antwerpen:








For more details visit: www.volvoclassics-panamericana.nl
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Love to do that event in a '66 222 with a mildly built and turbo'd B20 (200HP) and a limited slip. Use boost to help with altitude sickness but keep it fairly low to maintain reliability.
Great report, looks like a ton of fun. I can think of worse things than tearing across a continent in a green 123GT !

Keep us posted.
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After you guys are done, you ought to blast your way up through Mexico and infiltrate the United States...

Anyway, subscribed.

99% sure yep.

EDIT: If you're there for under 6 months and you have valid insurance you can run a US-spec car in Europe as is.
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