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Volvo's That Run Chapter 5


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Jul 15, 2009
Chapter 5: Motor Mount Brackets and Motor Mounts

While I have seen pictures of various designs of engine mount brackets on many posts on many forums over the years, I studied, measured, made cardboard brackets, made sheet aluminum brackets and then quarter inch by 3 ? inch steel brackets, the left side twice. I also drilled the holes 1/2” for adjustment and alignment which is a little larger than required, several more than once as you will note in the pictures. The steering rack high pressure banjo connector as well as the steering shaft u-joint poses clearance issues with the bracket. I used a ? inch metal spacer with bolt holes to match the left bracket to lift it above the connector. I also cut a half circle notch in the front edge of the bracket for the PS banjo bolt clearance. These clearance issues were the reason that a second effort had to be made on that bracket. Later model year racks moved the high pressure fitting and eliminated this conflict. Following are drawings that I took to a local trailer manufacturing company for fabrication (GandNEnterprises.com). They have the drawings and have said they would produce a pair of brackets, modified to not require a spacer for $150 including the transmission mount bracket.

Left Bracket


Right Bracket


Installed brackets

Use ’93 or earlier FOX body motor mounts.

The mounts have locating pins that I ground off after difficulty in drilling holes in the brackets to match. The mount retaining nut does not come with a new mount and the Explorer nut will not fit. Took a visit to my friendly, helpful hardware man, mount in hand, to find. It is a 14x2.0mm.

[EDIT] Bottom line is that the engine location is totally dependent on the clearance between the oil pan and the cross member. The bottom of the oil pan should not extend below the bottom of the cross member.

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Thanks for the great write-up, TestPoint. I've just bought my 1/4" plate steel to make these mount brackets. Do you have a clearer image of your bracket drawings? I can't read your dimensions. Again thanks for the most awesome thread.

Thanks, Charlie