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Want to be a staff writer? heres how it works..


creative mastermind
May 31, 2002
Cary, NC
We always need new content to publish on the website but more so, we need people to actually complete and submit the material that collects in this forum.

A staff writer
position is open to anyone who is motivated and has the ability to string together an article that is both fun to read and educational.

Each staff writer is required to complete and publish only 3 articles per year to retain their position. Anyone wanting to become a staff writer has that same opportunity... submit 3 articles to be published and you're in.

Articles should be posted here for additions and review, once the author is satisfied with their article, please PM the link to the article to the editor (Isaac) for approval. http://forums.turbobricks.com/member.php?u=140

If theres any questions, feel free to contact me or Isaac. :ahoy:
I'm interested, not really sure what I should write though. How about one on lowering your car?
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I suppose I should write up the 240 wiper linkage dissertation I made on my site?

I could write a few articles on various 140 and prior interchanges, common questions (will a 122 cross member bolt into a 140, 1800, etc)
we do need more staff writers, i haven't seen a list recently but there aren't many left. a bunch of folks jumped on for it and then never did anything so they didn't stay. it's real easy because you are writing about something you know and love, not a report on a 14th century playwrite's accomplishments.
Oh! Me? A member of the staff? I'm in!!!!

I'm game for anything, right now the only thing I can do work on is the T-5R, so I can do some basic tutorials on it, going to paint some parts of it this spring etc., minor bodywork. Mostly VS material perhaps...if not, if somebody has a topic, I've been spending money on 240 the last 12 years. Most likely I have some knowledge to contribute, but not a lot of photos.

I hope to get the 244 in the garage next fall. Things could get more interesting then.
Audun- how about you use your amazing language skills to research 16v headwork and cams, etc.?

It's not easy - as I've said before, the Scandinavian sooopah tuners are all :ninja:. "Buy my sheet and you reach your goals" is the common answer.

I'd like to read into cam specification, timing, etc., to learn the basics myself. As well as headwork. Right now I know enough to know that I in reality know nada.

I could make a read-up on killing Getrags and 1031s in one blow!
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