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Want to be a staff writer? heres how it works..

Stiggy Pop

In the cool kids club
Feb 27, 2011
Granville, MA
bumping it for who? lol no one cares or visits the webpage anymore anyway. :e-shrug:



creative mastermind
May 31, 2002
Cary, NC
Fair enough then lol.

I have recently come into ownership of a bunch of Volvo bulletins / greenbooks so was going to take the time to write them up as I don't have the facility to scan them in.

Most (all?) of the greenbooks are illegally available - many people have scanned them and published them online which then got taken down by VCNA but i'm sure a lot of people still have copied if you asked for something specific. Not sure about the service bulletins.


The MP
May 24, 2003
38? 27' N 75? 29' W
I don't know what yins are talking about, I read the main page every morning (that cover car, amirite?) before I put on my burlap sack to walk down to the well.