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Well Why Not? 1979 244DL


Active member
Sep 24, 2003
Santa Barbara, CA
I just purchased a 1979 244DL to use as a backup vehicle while I work on my 780. I now have to commute 80 miles each day for work and I want to have some cheap insurance if the 780 develops any problems.

I found this 1979 on Craigslist and worked the price down quite a bit from the $1,100 he has asking. Here is the original ad:

"1979 244 DL Volvo. Runs, 2nd owner, didn't pass smog, vacuum brake valve went out( $ 45 part), battery is 1.5 years old.
$ 1100 OBO. First owner took really good care of this car, I have a stack of papers from years gone by of all the work. Very safe car,
Never has been in accident.
Make an offer."

The car has 122k on it and a three inch binder full of records back to brand new, including a copy of the window sticker! In the trunk are a complete set of tune up parts and headlights and wipers and a NOS turn signal stalk....

Here it is when I went to look at it:

Being unloaded after the tow:

and tucked into the garage after I washed it:

When he popped the hood I saw that the cover for the brake booster check valve was sitting under the intake manifold. I popped it back on and the brakes felt fine. He still insisted on getting it towed to my house for me. I ordered the new valve from IPD and I can't wait to hit up the junkyard tomorrow to get some new parts.

Chin spoiler
PSF Door Handle

AHHHHH I'm Stoked to have another 240!!!!!!!

i think i may have got a door handle here ...

4door photoshoot in the near future?
Day one with the car went pretty awesome.

I got out to the junkyard and got the door handle and a late 240 chin spoiler. I also changed the plugs, cap and rotor since the ones that were on there looked a little tired. The flame trap was almost completely clogged so I cleaned the one on there and ordered a new one.

While I am waiting on a brand new one from IPD I also popped in a JY brake booster valve since that one was really brittle and exploded.

The chin spoiler alone makes the car look 10x better already:

Yay I can get in the car from the passenger side now!

I am going to order some plug wires for it, since autozone didn't have them in stock. Does anyone local have a set they want to get rid of so I dont have to wait on shipping???

Then I am going to try to get it through smog. It was really close to passing before this tune up so I am not too worried.
Good deal! With the records being so complete it is almost a shame the paint is so rough. Worth re-spraying in the future for sure.
good to hear you found a door handle ...

ive got a set of wires that i pulled off to put some crazychopstick ones on ...

not sure if they are better then whats on there, but you if you want to check them out, you are more then welcome to ...

call / send me a pm, and you we can try and set up a time...
The car has 122k on it and a three inch binder full of records back to brand new, including a copy of the window sticker! In the trunk are a complete set of tune up parts and headlights and wipers and a NOS turn signal stalk....

Please post a pic of your window sticker in the thread below. To help us learn/find out what all the different year 240s sold for when they were new, year by year.:nod:

Mfgr suggested retail, grand total price & options & costs of options are the main things were interested in.

LINK to window sticker thread> http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=275642&highlight=window+sticker
I met up with 240Keith at cars and coffee yesterday and he was kind enough to let me have a let of spark plug wires that he had sitting around his house.

I installed them tonight and the car barely ran. I was shocked since they were basically brand new. I believe he said they were from carquest and they are blue with metal shields at the spark plug side. I had to unscrew the little nipple things on the spark plugs to get them to work. I tried all blue wires and the car would start and die. Then I swapped back to my volvo coil wire and the car would idle but die when I gave it gas. Then I went to all the old Volvo wires and a blue one for the #4 spark plug and the car ran well enough that I took it for a shakedown run around the neighborhood.

Could that be because his 240 is LH and mine is Kjet? I always thought that wires were wires but maybe these are a different resistance or something.

I am very thankful that Keith gave me the wires even though they didn't work. TB is an awesome community!

I am going to order a new set of Volvo or Bougicord wires from IPD and try to get them shipped here by this weekend. I need to get the thing smogged quickly so I can register it.
I was amazed at what new wires did for my 240. They looked good on the outside. You could probably have Autozone order them cheaper and quicker than ipd, unless you have already started building an order.

Let's see more pics.
bummer to hear those are causing more problems for ya ...

they are napa "lifetime" wires - im not sure what the interchange is, i just went into napa and told them i needed wires for an 85 244 ....

good luck getting it figured out!