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Wheels worth more than the car...no disappointments v2


Location: Michigan
Nov 12, 2002
Only the rear was fitted. I need ot have the hub machined on the wheel due to a slight ridge.

But after having a miserable day when working on the car in general, i expected something to go wrong with the wheels :lol:

Sorry for the bad pics...was low on light.

16x8 205/55/16...will probably keep the same tire size...since I have a set of new RE92 on a set of wheels from my other car.






I had 2 other 745s....the last few years this one has moved <50 miles.

Judging by the fit issues lately with some parts...who knows when it will move.

More pics, clear...





A little dark.
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wheel whore!

looks good as hell. I would have to say its a perfect fit for a pre 90 740 with an airflow kit...maybe a lower the car a little more though...I can't wait to have mine tuckin!
Problem is with an ET of -2 and a 205/55/16...the tires are at their max limit and the car really can't go much lower.....

Older iPD springs on there...we'll see once i have the wheels machined to get ride of a ridge in the hub area to bring them flush to the rotor [car sits, this was a test session for fitment]

I still have the 16x7 gold off the 91 i sold...but the lip isn't nearly as big and they aren't RS.
Anyone know who can fix a center cap thread on the wheel side?

Apparently someone bent the thread outwards when mounting or unmounting the wheel from the car since what looks to be a large socket mark pushed the thin wall out towards the center bending the threads . Cap goes on, but it is driving me nuts.

Probably going to rig something to try to straighten the threads..
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